Best Wheatgrass Grow Kit

Best Wheatgrass Grow Kit

Growing and eating wheatgrass is a super easy and handy method to add crucial minerals and vitamins into your body. As well as being healthy for you, it’s suitable for many cats too, so your four-pawed friends can enjoy it with you!

In addition, this luscious plant looks gorgeous and would make an attractive feature on a kitchen countertop. You can even grow it all year round, purifying the air no matter the season.

But, not all wheatgrass seeds are high quality! Accidentally purchasing the wrong growing kit could leave you with sickly, poorly nutritious plants. Even worse, lousy wheatgrass could easily ruin your home’s decor with its ugly, malformed appearance.

However, thankfully there is a solution to banish poor wheatgrass from your home for good! There are several brilliant wheatgrass (AKA cat grass) kits on the market that produce dense, bushy, and natural plants.

These Cat Grass kits are also ideal for people of any gardening ability, as they come with everything you need. But, sifting through the internet’s false promising products can leave you feeling confused.

So, to save you disappointment, we’ve tested some kits, picking only the best ones to feature in this article.

And, we’ve even included a handy Buyer’s Guide and FAQ section, so you can save time if you’re looking for a kit in the future! Read on to find out more about the best wheatgrass growing packages.


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If you’re looking for an easy-to-grow kit that even fussy cats will love, this product is an ideal option. This is a cheap alternative to buying expensive cat grass from a store, which helps keep cats healthy.

If you grow this grass, your feline friend will probably be happily nibbling and rubbing their face on it in no time!

The instructions are simple to follow, so that won't be a problem if you don’t have a green thumb. The pack comes with three pots which are compact in size, meaning that they’re perfect for fitting on a window ledge.

In addition, the size is ideal for people who don’t have the space to display a larger wheatgrass container.

Each pot is easy to use and grows grass quickly, with some customers reporting that it starts sprouting in a matter of days. So, this project is excellent for impatient people or for doing with little kids who are excited to see their grass.

The wheatgrass is super healthy, making it a great alternative to catnip if you don’t want your cat to be happy but wired.

Although the grass-grown is really tasty for humans, it’s easy to cut off a bit to add to food when you’re peckish. But, this is a super simple and environmentally friendly way to get in your daily greens dose.

Personal Experience Of The Product

When we tested this kit, we found it to be a fabulous option for those with limited space!

We love that the pots aren’t so big that they’d get in the way and can be easily moved. In addition, the grass grows thickly and is of an exceptionally nutritious quality.


  • Simple instructions - Making it easy for even total gardening novices to understand and grow luscious wheatgrass.
  • Handy-sized pots - Allowing you to quickly move them and place them on window ledges without them taking up too much space.
  • Value for money - So, you can happily give it to loved ones! In addition, you can add this healthy plant to your home without breaking the bank.
  • Good quality - Providing you and/or your cat with precious nutrients while maintaining an attractive appearance.
  • Easy to use pots - Letting you and your children bond while encouraging nurturing skills.


  • Smaller side pots - Although this is ideal for those with limited space, it’s not the best option for those that want their wheatgrass to be a centerpiece.


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If you want a cat grass growing kit that your felines are highly likely to love, this is a perfect product for you!

The package has step-by-step instructions, which will genuinely help if you need guidance. The easy-to-use kit even has lightweight containers that you can reuse!

The manufacturer provides organic seeds and soil, which is fantastic for your cat (or you!) and the environment. Being GMO-free, using this kit won’t bring harmful toxic chemicals into your homes.

In addition, this means that your cats will be tempted to eat this grass instead of your unhealthy houseplants.

The wheatgrass is mixed with oat, rye, and barley, giving your cats fiber and nutrients aplenty. For this reason, it truly is value for money that encourages healthy digestion and controls hairball production.

This kit comes in attractive packaging, too, making it highly giftable to the cat-lover in your life.

Meaning it would be a fantastic stocking filler for cat-fanatic children too. In addition, this product can teach children nurturing skills and foster healthy developmental milestones.

Personal Experience Of The Product

We tested this kit and found that the wheatgrass grows super quickly in a matter of days if you follow the instructions.

The cat grass is of very high quality, and we love that the manufacturers have added in other plant species. This variety is brilliant for a cat’s diet.

Please make sure not to overwater to avoid mold from growing, as this will stink out your home and probably make your cat ill. However, having this plant in a house with cats will make these pawed pets very happy.


  • Lightweight and reusable containers - Allowing you to keep making your cats super happy for a long time by growing the grass in them.
  • GMO-free - Letting you have the confidence that you’re feeding your cats a healthy product that’s non-toxic.
  • Organic seeds and organic soil discs - Meaning you can grow these plants without adding harmful chemicals to your local ecological system.
  • Simple instructions - So that you can enjoy this kit even if you’re a beginner. And young children can follow along with the instructions.
  • Mixed seeds - Providing your cat with nutrients that control hairball production and aid a healthy digestive system.


  • Not all the seeds are wheatgrass - Although this seed mix is ideal for cat carers, it’s not suitable if you’re solely looking for a wheatgrass kit.


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Looking for a product to help your cat with digestive issues who can’t really have treats?

This kit is a brilliant one to try out and heal your cat. Experienced customers have reported that this grass has helped their cats who are having a rough time using antibiotics.

In addition, they say it can help produce excessive hairballs, and many cats enjoy grazing on it.

The kit is simple to put together, grow and dispose of. The seeds sprout within a few days of being planted; you can’t beat that!

This easy peasy product is reasonable and easy to follow instructions perfect for someone who’s not a plant person.

The seeds contain a mix of wheatgrass, rye, barley, and oat, taking about 3 days to become bushy. Each bag in the kit gives your cat about 2 weeks of enjoyment, and it's biodegradable, too!

As long as you water the plants a little every now and then, they can even thrive for longer.

As the plastic bags are compostable, you bury them in your yard, toss them, or put it on your compost pile once the grass has died.

You can even have young children help you, as the instructions are simple. This is genuinely an idiotproof wheatgrass kit! And it’s so fun to watch, too.

Personal Experience Of The Product

We found that the wheatgrass grew well when we tested this kit, showing that the seeds were of high quality.

We adore that this is excellent value for money, so it’s perfect for teaching children about looking after plants if you’re on a budget.

The multi-seed formula is packed with handy nutrition that we found most casts will love ingesting. In fact, they’ll likely love this plant so much that it’s the first thing they run to in the morning!


  • Compostable plastic bags allow you to easily toss, compost, or bury them without experiencing environmental guilt. 
  • Multi-seed mix - Letting you grow a fully nutritional snack that is likely to entice your cat as well as wheatgrass.
  • Simple to understand - Making it easy for non-plant people to grow their own wheatgrass without messing it up.
  • Nutritional benefits - Meaning it’s super great for many cats that have digestive issues, such as producing excessive hairballs.
  • Reasonable price - Letting you buy this as a fun bonding activity with family members without going over budget.


  • Wheatgrass mixed with other seeds - Meaning that if you’re not searching for wheatgrass infused with other nutritional plants, this is not ideal for you.


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For a wheatgrass kit that makes a great centerpiece and is beloved by felines, this one is perfect!

The rustic container would fit in with bohemian, eclectic, and shabby chic interior design schemes. In addition, it can hold a lot of the seeds, so your cat can snack for a while.

The pack includes wheatgrass, rye, oat, and barley seeds, with excellent nutrients. These plants are packed with fiber, aiding digestion for pets that need a little extra healthy boost.

In addition, experienced customers have reported that their cats love sleeping on the grass.

The kit is easy to assemble, containing 3 soil disks, a planter, a seed pack, and simple directions.

The instructions are clear and easy to follow, with the cat grass ready for your feline to eat in less than a week. The package is high quality too, so you wouldn’t be wasting your money.

The brand sells a refill kit, so you don’t have to buy a whole new product every month.

This also means that you can keep your flourishing centerpiece growing year-round for you and your pets to enjoy. Overall, this product has a great setup and is very lightweight.

Personal Experience Of The Product

We tested this product and found that it’s simple to grow these plants. We recommend you get a spray bottle to water the wheatgrass because this will stop it from growing mold.

The plants are super easy to take care of. We loosely put soil on top of the seeds, sprouting quickly.


  • Rustic planter - Making a fabulous feature, centerpiece, and decoration in any eclectic, bohemian, or shabby chic interior.
  • 3 soil disks - Helping the grass to grow well, creating a bushy plant that your cats will be able to lie on as well as nibble!
  • High quality - Letting you grow many seeds at once, which prevents mold from forming if the instructions are followed.
  • Clear directions - Allowing those without green fingers to enjoy this project without becoming frustrated by complicated gardening jargon.
  • The brand sells refill kits - So you can enjoy growing this wheatgrass all year round without having to repurchase the whole kit.


  • Slightly expensive - So, this product is not ideal for those on a budget, looking for a cheap activity.

Best Wheatgrass Grow Kit Buying Guide

What To Look For In A Wheatgrass Kit

Firstly, ensure that the wheatgrass kit has everything you need to make wheatgrass successfully. Each pack should have at least one container for growing the plant, soil, clear instructions, and good quality seeds.

Best Wheatgrass Grow Kit

If you’re buying for a cat, it’s a good idea to see if the wheatgrass is mixed in with other nutritional seeds. Seeds such as barley, oat, and rye are brilliant additions, helping the cat’s digestive systems run smoothly.

If your cat just wants wheatgrass, check the packaging to see if other seeds will save you from disappointment.

It’s a great idea to look at the customer reviews (if any), especially if you’re buying the wheatgrass kit for nutritional benefits. These reviews are likely to give you an idea of whether cats generally like the plant.

If you’re buying for human consumption or simply for fun, this is obviously less important. However, it’s good to see if other people say it was easy to grow.

See if the instructions are easy to follow for those who don’t consider themselves green-fingered.

Simple directions will make the experience more fun and easy for children to follow. These can mean the difference between doing an enjoyable family project and finding a frustrated child on your hands.

Money-Saving Benefits

Growing wheatgrass is an excellent way to increase vital chlorophyll in your diet. However, chlorophyll supplements are often expensive, whereas growing wheatgrass is more fun and less costly to boost your health.

To get a health shot daily, juice your homegrown wheatgrass. Or, if drinking this plant isn’t your thing, you can disguise it in smoothies, cakes and turn it into wheatgrass powder by dehydrating it.

The brilliant thing about growing wheatgrass is that it’s super easy to care for, unlike many other plants.

In addition, you can keep it in your kitchen in a neat container that won’t take up too much space. So, it can be easily within reach when you need it. 

Best Wheatgrass Grow Kit - FAQ's

Why Grow Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is a super healthy and easy plant to grow that you can nurture all year round!

The plant is packed with nutrients for you and many pets, aiding digestion. In addition, it has air purification qualities, helping remove harmful toxins from your home.

Turn the plant into juice to make the most of your wheatgrass. This drink is filled with up to 70% chlorophyll, which is the pigment that causes plants to be green.

It’s scientifically proven that chlorophyll may help cure hemoglobin deficiency disorders such as anemia and has anti-aging properties.

You can apply chlorophyll topically or ingest it, as it may help treat wounds. In addition to containing chlorophyll, wheatgrass juice has healthy minerals, enzymes, and vitamins.

So, drinking a cup of this is excellent for boosting your immune system!

What Does Wheatgrass Grow Best In?

Generally, wheatgrass loves growing in containers with drainage holes. This resilient plant will quickly grow with drainage holes in any pot or tray.

However, it’s best to use a tray if you choose because it won’t use as much soil as a shallow container. 

In addition, wheatgrass doesn’t need deep soil to thrive, so you can save that container for something else.

Is Growing Wheatgrass Profitable?

This is a lucrative year-round money maker if you want to start a wheatgrass business. You don’t even need farmland either. You can work from home.

Selling from where you are to retailers is pretty simple. You can create a professional storefront to bring in customers.

This would also make a brilliant side hustle for existing farmers who don’t have much agricultural land left.

In addition, wheatgrass doesn’t rely on being harvested at a particular time, so farmers won’t find themselves working against the clock to dig it up.

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