Best Microgreen Growing Kit

Best Microgreen Growing Kit

Growing microgreens is a super-easy way to bring nature into your home for people without a garden. In addition, this method allows you to have a luscious garden on your countertop, making a gorgeous and functional centerpiece.

Don’t know what microgreens are? They’re average garden plants’ sprouts that take up much less space than a vegetable patch. You can get microgreen versions of delicious plants such as radish, cilantro, cabbage, and beautiful sunflowers.

Rather than letting the tiny plants continue growing, you eat them when they reach only a few inches tall.

Despite their small size, they have a high nutritional value. Many scientists estimate that microgreens contain 40 times the nutrients of their equivalent mature versions.

They’re also super popular with foodies and chefs, who love the aesthetics of their petite size. But, figuring out which plants to grow and how can be tricky.

It’s often hard to tell if the seeds will produce quality vegetable plants. Buying the wrong ones could put you off gardening forever, leaving you with a depressing harvest.

Quality microgreen kits are a brilliant way to stop growing mishaps, as they come with everything you need.

Furthermore, these products are straightforward to follow so that even if you’re not green thumbed, you can enjoy the nutritional benefits.

To save you hunting tirelessly through search engines, we’ve tested and verified the products below.

We’ve also included a helpful Buyer’s Guide and FAQ section to help you in the future. So read on to find your dreamy microgreen growing kit!


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If you’re looking for a product that promises your money back if it doesn’t work, this is ideal for you!

The manufacturer says that if the plants don’t grow as advertised, they’ll try and find out what happened. They’ll also send you a replacement kit for free or give you your money back.

The kit comes with 3 seed quilts, including the Super Salad Mix Seed Quilt, which has kale, cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, and broccoli.

It also comes with a Daikon Radish quilt, which will give you lots of delicious flavors. So, you get nutrition aplenty for your money!

All you have to do is add water to the quilts once, sit back and enjoy watching them grow.

The plants are ready to harvest in 7 days, so the system is easy to use. And, not much sunlight is required, ambient indoor lighting is sufficient.

So, you don’t need to worry about squeezing the plants onto a windowsill.

Every seed is certified organic, so you’re not putting any harmful chemicals into your body.

This means it’s also a fabulous option for the environmentally conscious, as it’s GMO-free so that your local ecology won’t suffer if you throw the quilts away.

Once they’ve grown, it’s easy to add the plants on top of everything you cook. This allows you to simply introduce nutrients into your diet.

Happy customers report that it’s so fun to watch them grow! It’s a great way to get your children excited about eating their greens, too.

Personal Experience Of The Product

We tested this kit and found that the instructions were easy to follow and are accessible for gardening beginners. We enjoyed watching the plants grow and found that the diverse seed species were brilliant.

The seed quilts are super low maintenance to use, and you can simply reorder them once you’ve used them up. This lets you keep using your kit and reaping the benefits long after you’ve eaten the first batches.


  • Just add water - Allowing beginners and children to enjoy the benefits of growing nutritional microgreens.
  • Certified organic seeds - Meaning you’re not putting harmful chemicals into your body or the local environment.
  • Diverse seed quilts - Letting you enjoy multiple different nutritional plants, so you can figure out which are your favorites.
  • Low maintenance - You only have to add water once, and you can sit back, watching the fun plants grow more luscious by the day.
  • Full refund or replacement - So, if your kit doesn’t do what it says it will, the manufacturer won’t rip you off.


  • Poor results if instructions are not followed closely - To avoid disappointment, you need to follow the directions to the letter. 


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If you’re curious about the microgreen process and are searching for a great starter kit, this is an ideal option.

This kit contains pea shoot, black oil sunflower, wheatgrass, and zesty radish seeds. So, you can try out a whole range of microgreens to work out which ones you like the best.

The product comes with clear directions, making it great to do with Grandchildren. Kids are unlikely to get confused with the simple instructions, and they can cut the shoots off when ready to eat for a bit of snack.

The kits also produce high volumes of sprouting plants, making them cost-effective. So, it’s great for Christmas or birthday presents for friends or children. 

A coir-type base is included to grow the seeds in. It expands a lot when water is added to it and works well.

Pleased experienced customers have reported that this is a delicious and delightful experience.

They say that the sprouts make a gorgeous garnish and flavor. However, they recommend misting the plants every day before harvesting for the best results.

Personal Experience Of The Product

We love that the growing bags neatly contain the plants and allow you to see the roots and shoots forming. We agree with knowledgeable customers who say that misting the growing plants will help produce more.

This kit indeed does have everything you need to produce these microgreens, aside from water. It would make a fabulous educational gift for children or a fun present for the keen chef with every cooking tool out there.


  • Diverse seeds - Giving you loads of nutrition in little shoots to experiment with flavors.
  • Quality soil - Allowing you to grow microgreens that will thrive with minimum maintenance.
  • Giftable - The easy-to-use kit makes it an ideal stocking filler for green-thumbed children or keen chefs.
  • Simple instructions - Meaning you can grow these plants with your young Grandchildren without them becoming frustrated by complicated directions.
  • 3 bags - Letting you spread the microseed growing experience over time, increasing nutrition into your diet.


  • Misting required for total growth - Many customers recommend that you use a water mister to encourage the shoots to grow to their full height.


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This product is perfect for those who want a decorative and cute microgreen planter kit.

The pack comes with a beautiful planter that will look great on your countertop. This attractive container is more aesthetically pleasing than the clear plastic grow bags.

The kit includes enough seeds to grow 2 crops containing kohlrabi, sunflower, arugula, broccoli, and red acre cabbage seeds.

Wow! That’s so many plants for your money, meaning this kit is super great value. And, you get to boost your health if you’re worried about not getting enough greens into your diet.

The pack includes magic soil disks, meaning the plants are guaranteed to grow. So, you won’t be left microgreen-less and disappointed after purchasing this product.

This kit also comes with a plastic lining and spray bottle, letting you easily care for these plants without making a mess.

If you fall in love with microgreens, the manufacturer also sells handy refill kits. This allows you to reuse the wooden planter to grow a range of different seeds!

You can also pick from other seed packs to explore more delicious flavors.

Personal Experience Of The Product

We tested this kit and found enough seeds to grow two crops, so it’s well worth the money.

The decorative planter means it’s fun to tend to the greens, too! The instructions are easy to follow to nurture cute plants without becoming frustrated by wordy directions.


  • Decorative planter - Letting you display it on any countertop without ruining your interior decor. 
  • Seed mix - Giving you a brilliant array of nutrients that will taste delicious and boost your health.
  • Spray bottle - Allowing you to regularly nurture your microgreens without having to go out and buy a mister.
  • The manufacturer sells refill kits - So if you fall in love with growing microgreens, you can reuse the cute planter and nurture more greens.
  • Enough for two crops - Meaning it’s brilliant value for money, and you’ll be able to harvest double the microgreens!


  • Not as lightweight as grow bags - The wooden planter looks lovely. However, it’s not ideal if you’re looking for a light product and will fit on small window ledges.


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This one ticks all the boxes for a really cool-looking microgreen kit! The pack contains radish microgreen seeds, a 150ml sprayer, fibrous soil, and a sprouting tray.

This means that if you purchase this kit, you’ll have everything you need (other than water) to grow microgreens.

In addition, the pack has a tray that’s BPA-free acrylic, allowing you to use it as a table centerpiece or for succulents.

The seller also offers separate suction cup shelves that can be attached to a ledge. This means you can save countertop space by growing the plants on the window, too!

There’s compressed soil, which works well to embrace the seeds as they quickly grow.

The manufacturer also sells easy-to-nurture re-fills to grow microgreens all year round. If you get lost, detailed instructions are included, which makes it a fun and healthy project.

You can even grow wheatgrass, which many cats love because it helps their digestive system work well. If you don’t have a feline friend, you can sprinkle the microgreens on salads to add more flavor.

In addition, you can put these plants on noodles, rice, and sandwiches, to add joy to your day.

Personal Experience Of The Product

We tested this product and found it enjoyable to watch these greens grow! The acrylic container is stylish, minimal, and does its job well.

The kit produces luscious plants that can be easily harvested to put on any meal you fancy.


  • Quality microgreen seeds - Giving you the nutrient boost that your body will thank you for, all in tiny green plants!
  • The manufacturer sells refills - So you can reuse the container and continue growing these extraordinary microgreens year-round.
  • 150ml sprayer - Letting you properly care for the plants without purchasing a separate mister.
  • BPA-acrylic planter means no harmful toxins will go into your plants or the surrounding environment.
  • Giftable - The planter would make a great centerpiece, project for family members, or addition to a loved one’s kitchen.


  • Plastic planter - For those super environmentally conscious, this planter is not as good as wooden ones that can be reabsorbed quickly into the earth.

Best Microgreen Growing Kit Buying Guide

The Best Medium For Microgreens

When searching for an effective microgreen kit, it’s essential to look at the included soil option. Typically, microgreens prefer loose soil that they can be planted into. This earth provides the additional nutrients they need to survive.

However, coil discs also work well, particularly in smaller containers because they’re compact. In addition, you can easily cause these to expand so that your microgreens have enough minerals and vitamins to happily grow.

Best Microgreen Growing Kit


If you’re on a budget and are not particularly bothered about the microgreens’ aesthetics, then there are low-cost options that will suit you.

In particular, many kits offer cheap but good-quality plastic bags that you can grow these plants in. The advantage to these is that they’re a lot cheaper than buying kits with decorative wood planters.

If you want a super attractive, giftable kit, and are not bothered about the cost, go for a product with a cute planter.

Many kits on the market have adorable planters in various styles, from rustic wooden ones to chic and minimal BPA-free acrylic planters.

To help you out, it’s often helpful to check the reviews to see if other experienced customers found the kit value for money.

Best Microgreen Growing Kit - FAQ's

Which Microgreen Grows The Fastest?

Radishes and broccoli are two of the quickest growing microgreens. These speedy plants are often ready to harvest after just six days.

The radish microgreens taste delicious, with the same spicy flavor that the more lsrger radishes are renowned for.

However, the growth rate depends on how well nurtured the microgreens are. It’s best to follow the growing instructions closely to produce flourishing plants.

Some microgreens benefit from being misted daily using a water spray bottle to keep their soil moist. Generally speaking, these tiny plants are happy if the earth surrounding them is kept damp.

Other factors that affect the microgreens’ growth rate include sunlight, the amount of soil in, and seed quality.

What Is The Best Growing Medium For Microgreens?

Soil is a brilliant option because it produces the highest yields, best quality microgreens, and is often the easiest to work with. However, you may find coir, hydroponics, or another medium more suitable.

If you choose to use soil, it’s essential to consider its quality, too.

If you want to get super technical about your microgreens, it’s a good idea to check the soil’s pH. This will tell you whether the ground is at an optimum natural chemical level to survive. 

You can buy ideal microgreen soil if the earth in your backyard isn’t up to scratch.

What To Buy To Start Growing Microgreens?

A brilliant way to ensure you have everything you need to start growing microgreens is by buying a kit.

If you prefer to purchase the materials separately, you need shallow trays or a wooden planter with plastic lining, a light source, microgreens seeds, and a growing medium such as potting soil.

It’s a good idea to research what soil the microgreens you’re growing prefer. This ensures that you get earth with the correct pH to help your plants thrive.

Typically, you need to keep the soil moist when the microgreen seeds are in it to provide enough nutrients.

If you would like an aesthetically attractive planter, there are brilliant ones on the market. The advantage of getting a cute container for your plants is that it can be used as a centerpiece.

Some planters can even be suction-cupped to a window, saving you counter space and giving the microgreens access to enough light.

What Are The Easiest Microgreens To Grow?

There are six super-easy microgreens to grow: broccoli, cabbage, basil, arugula, radish, and kohlrabi.

In addition, many microgreen kits contain a mixture of these plants to make nurturing these even more accessible. This means you can add flavor aplenty to anything from salads to noodles.

As long as you follow the directions for what the microgreens want, most plants are easy to grow.

These greens often sprout quickly, so you can harvest them within a week or two. It is ideal for impatient gardeners and those who want a fast way to add minerals to their diet.

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