Best Marijuana Grow Kit

Best Marijuana Grow Kit

The link between humans and marijuana is known to go back as far as 500BC when it was used in herbal medicines and later in religious and spiritual ceremonies. Today, marijuana has exploded into a cultural and medicinal phenomenon.

Since the legalization of marijuana in many nations and states and the relaxing of regulation regarding its growth, the marijuana industry has become one of the fastest-growing in the world.

The boom in growing for personal, medicinal, or professional use shows no signs of slowing down.

The rapid expansion of the industry and the mind-boggling sums of money being invested and earned have surpassed even the most optimistic of predictions.

Legalization has allowed many to gain access to regulated and certified sources of marijuana, as well as safe places to obtain it for medicinal or personal use.

This boom has also seen knowledge on marijuana being more readily available than ever. 

More people than ever are clued up on weed, learning all about different strains and their recreational or medicinal benefits.

This has also increased the number of people that wish to grow their own supply, with people wanting access to their favorite strains at all times.

Much like with urban farming, many people want the chance to grow their own supplies at home, whether that’s vegetables and fruits or herbs of a more potent nature.

But where does one start with growing marijuana? Is it even legal in my state? Is it going to cost me a fortune?

With so many things to consider, we tested some of the best marijuana grow kits on the market.

Whether you’re curious to start growing or an experienced head looking to upgrade, read on to find the perfect marijuana grow kit for you and your needs. 


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The Bud Grower founder Alex was inspired by the legalization of marijuana in California in 2016. He then immersed himself amongst the finest growers around to educate himself and streamline the processes involved in growing marijuana.

It's this passion and enthusiasm that has led to the booming success of The Bud Grower.

The company has manufactured seven unique weed growing kits to cater to the differing needs of its green-fingered clientele.

They’re also varied in design to ensure that anyone from beginners to advanced growers can grow in their own homes. Each of these kits varies in size, capacity, cost, accessories, and expected yields.

The range goes from a Starter Tent Kit up to a full Hydroponic Tent Kit, so the growing needs of all kinds of green-fingered enthusiasts are met.

Each of the kits is made with high-quality materials that are sturdy and durable. The grow tents are made with a heavy-duty 1689D Oxford cloth exterior, the Mylar interior is 98% reflective to keep light inside the tent.

The carbon filtration system with Australian Virgin Charcoal combines with the powerful fan to eradicate any unwanted odors.

Each kit is equipped with low energy-consuming lights suitable for the whole growing process. Customers also receive some Cali Super Soil in which to grow their crop. 

These kits also work wonders for growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs for those seeking to enrich their healthy lifestyle.

The Bud Grower truly excel in their efforts to provide a quality growing kit for those of all levels of experience.

From first-time growers to experienced gardeners alike, all will be thrilled with the quality and contents of the kits, the impeccable customer experience, and the all-important results at harvest.


  • Options - Seven different grow kits are available to ensure everyone's needs are met
  • Quality Construction - High-quality materials with a sturdy and durable construction
  • Customer Care - 1-year warranty and strong customer support 
  • Beginners - Starter Kit is designed for those taking their first steps into growing 
  • Customer Satisfaction - Highly rated and popular amongst growers
  • Contents - Everything needed for setting up a home grow, including soil and instructions


  • Size - May not be suitable for those with smaller growing spaces 


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Vivosun is on a mission to “empower growers of all kinds to grow what they love”. The companies range consists of various size grow tents that each offer a fantastic environment for home gardeners.

The company has years of experience and has built up a stellar reputation amongst growers old and new.

Tents in these grow kits come either in 4x2 feet, 4x4 feet, or 8x4 feet, though they have an even wider range of sizes for those looking to go bigger.

The 4x2 tents will allow between six and nine plants, whilst the 8x4 tents provide space for between sixteen and twenty-four plants.

The kits come either as ‘Basic’ or ‘Complete’, whilst there are different light options that will also increase the initial layout.

Of course, the upgraded equipment will aid in an improved farming experience, so dependent on the needs of each farmer, it might be worth leveling up.

The tents are constructed out of tough 600D Oxford canvas which prevents light leaking and features a 98% reflective Mylar interior which improves light reflection and retention.

The design is centered around the farmer's experience, featuring multi-size vents for different ventilation systems, and windows on the front and both sides for easier observation of the plants.

The kits use a carbon filter to reduce odors and decrease impurities, whilst the fan and ducting will ensure quality circulation. The included glasses protect against UVA & UVB rays whilst reducing glare and eye strain. 

Each kit comes with LED lights, a fan, monitors, clamps, and ducting, along with other accessories to ensure you’re ready to grow. The grow tents come with a one-year warranty, whilst each light set comes with a three-year warranty.

Vivosun is a great choice for those wishing to grow indoors, thanks to its quality set-ups, durable materials, and impeccable customer care.

Their wide product range allows growers of all levels of experience to try for the first time or build on their existing skills.


  • Customer Care - 1- year warranty on the grow tents and 3-year warranty on lights
  • Durability - 600D Oxford canvas exterior is tear-proof and waterproof 
  • Light Retention - 98% reflective Mylar interior
  • Design - Viewing screens on both sides and multi-size vents
  • Protective Glasses - Protecting against UVA and UVB rays, eye strain, and glare


  • Zippers - May snag and occasionally leak light 


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Mars-Hydro grow kits have been growing in popularity thanks to their quality construction and their wide range of products.

They have been providing premium growing lights for over ten years. Their range includes grow tents varying in size from 2x2 feet to 4x4 feet. 

As with any similar products, the more premium set-ups have some upgraded lights and gadgets.

All the kits come with everything needed to set up the kit and start growing including the tent, LED grow lights, fan, carbon filter, timers, bags, and more.

The exterior is made of 1680D canvas to avoid light leakage and contain odors, whilst the highly reflective Mylar interior will assist in light retention and reflection.

The zippers are double stitched for improved durability and light retention, whilst they can be opened from both the top and bottom of the tent.

Airflow is carefully managed with a quiet fan, that can transfer hot or cool air in and out of the growing environment.

Carbon filters help eliminate odors and decrease impurities, protecting the plant. Users can set up an automatic timer for the LED lights, whilst it's easy and convenient to monitor the temperature and humidity.

Customers can visit the online Knowledge Center where they can gain access to the blog featuring articles on all things growing marijuana.

Customer care is quality and sees various warranties available for the grow tents, LED lights, and fans.

They offer a one-year full free warranty on the LED lights, (with a five-year limited warranty) and a two-year full free warranty on the fan.

Mars-Hydro provides a quality option for those looking to grow at home. Their product range caters to users of all experience levels, from those growing a single plant up to established farmers.

The kits are all-inclusive and a great option for any inquisitive and enthusiastic gardener.


  • Range - Five grow kits available with various sizes and features
  • Knowledge Center - Blog featuring advice and articles on growing
  • All-included - Everything needed to set up the kit and grow
  • Design - Rugged exterior layer, Mylar interior, airflow system, and carbon filters
  • Customer Care - Warranty for tents, fans, and LED lights


  • Light Leakage - Some users have reported some leaking lights at times


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Spider-Farmer has been producing grow kits since 2014 and is now an established brand with a reputation for quality.

The company keeps everything in-house, with industry experts overseeing teams in research, design, testing, development, and production. 

The kits contain everything needed to start growing, with each design aspect carefully considered. 

The Samsung LM301 diode full-spectrum lights are ideal for all stages of the growing process, from germination to harvesting.

The lights are adjustable and only consume 100w, which is considerably less power than many other kits and grow lights.

The design allows easy access and viewing of the plant from multiple angles to ensure careful observation.

The strong frame wears a 1680D Oxford cloth exterior, which is durable and resistant to tears and water damage. 

The interior features 100% reflective Mylar to improve light reflection and retention.

An Australian carbon filter protects against impurities and odors, whilst the ventilation system provides airflow and circulation, keeping the growing environment fresh.

Visit the company website and read the blog, which contains articles and useful advice on all things grow kits.

A three-year warranty and after-service for the LED lights show their commitment to their customers and belief in their products.

Spider Farmer grow kits are the result of years of industry experience combined with fresh ideas and innovation. They are as suitable for first-time growers as they are for experienced farmers.


  • Lights - Samsung LM301 diode full-spectrum lights ideal for all stages of the growing process
  • Self-sustaining - Everything is done in-house by a team of industry experts
  • Online Resources - Blog with useful articles and advice on all things growing and grow kits
  • Design - 1680D Oxford cloth exterior, 100% reflective Mylar interior, and convenient design features 
  • Customer Care - 3-year warranty and after service for the LED lights


  • Heat - Some users commented on the lights getting too hot


A Pot For Pot Grow Kit

Although grow tents have understandably increased in popularity thanks to their improved yields and sophisticated science, many farmers still like to go old school and grow a plant in a pot or outside.

A Pot for Pot is a bustling hub for all things growing and marijuana culture. Their website contains deeply informative grow guides, informative articles, and general advice for all weed enthusiasts.

Their Pot for Pot’s range in size from a quaint ½-gallon kit which can yield up to 28 grams, all the way up to an eye-watering 35-gallon kit that can yield over a pound in weight.

Each kit comes with all a farmer needs to start their growing experience, including the pot, growing guide, soil, seed germination kit, and other useful supplies.

The company offers 24/7 growing support to ensure any questions or concerns can be addressed, essential if you notice something amiss about the plant at 3 in the morning!

Those who purchase the Medium or Large kit will also receive magnifying smartphone camera lenses, providing a fascinating and detailed look at the plant as it grows.

Their customer care is exemplified by the inclusion of seed discount vouchers that can be used at

It’s important to consider that climate is essential for those wishing to grow outdoors or in a pot. Not only is there a lack of artificial lights, meaning a complete reliance on sunlight, but varying humidity can wreak havoc on a crop’s progress. 

Growing outdoors works best in warm climates, though the preferred humidity varies from strain to strain.

Growing outdoors also leaves your plants open to the risk of disease or pests, but these can be addressed with consistent and careful care. 

Due to the number of variables when growing outdoors, the yields may suffer and be smaller than those grown in a controlled, indoor environment.


  • Economical - Less space and energy used than a grow tent set up
  • Customer Care - Responsive and engaging customer support available 24/7
  • Online Resources - Grow guides, advice, and articles on cannabis culture available for free
  • Range - Variety of products running in sizes 
  • Seed Discounts - Discount code included for which delivers to the U.S.


  • All Year Round? - Growing outside requires specific climates, so may not be suitable for all
  • Yield - Usually grows less than a grow tent with a light system

Best Marijuana Grow Kit Buying Guide/FAQs

What Is A Marijuana-Growing Kit?

A marijuana growing (or grow) kit is an all-in-one setup that allows farmers of all levels of experience to grow their own plants at home.

Though the contents can vary depending on the manufacturer or product, most contain all the essentials needed to start growing straight away.

They are popular amongst urban farmers and marijuana enthusiasts, as they offer a fantastic, controlled environment in which to grow produce of all kinds.

These kits are often the first step for new and curious growers as they save time, money, and a great deal of studying. Their simple setup, detailed instructions, and supplier support make them an essential purchase for many growers.

Best Marijuana Grow Kit

How Difficult Is It To Grow Marijuana In A Grow Kit?

A common theme amongst grow kit suppliers is their efforts to make growing accessible to all. Many manufacturers have designed introductory or starter kits for those that wish to take their first steps in growing. These contain detailed instructions and most provide helpful online guidance such as growing guides and frequently asked questions. As many of these manufacturers share a deep passion for marijuana and growing, they offer remarkably attentive and responsive customer care and support. Some companies even rate their grow kits on a difficulty scale to help customers find the right kit for them.

Can I Grow Marijuana In My State?

You must protect yourself by carefully following local and state laws regarding marijuana possession and growing. Each state has its own regulation and categorizes marijuana into being one of the following:

  • Legalized
  • Medical and decriminalized
  • Medical
  • Decriminalized
  • CBD only
  • Illegal

How Much Marijuana Can I Grow For Personal Use?

This is again dependent on local and state laws, with the amounts varying greatly across the country.

The intended use of the marijuana grown may also affect the allowance, as smaller amounts for personal use are common compared to bigger amounts for medicinal users.

How Can I Hide Or Disguise The Smell Of My Plants?

Worrying about the potent aromas can be off-putting for potential growers. Fortunately, marijuana grow kits come pre-equipped with durable covers and efficient ventilation systems.

These are designed to improve airflow around the plants as well as reduce and eliminate odors that occur during the growing, and especially the flowering process.

Can I Grow Marijuana In A Pot Or Outdoors?

Growing marijuana outdoors requires a warm climate, so this may not be an option if it’s not summer, or you’re living in a cold climate.

If your area has a warm climate, either warm and dry or warm and damp, then there will be numerous varieties of marijuana you could cultivate there.

Sunlight is essential, so be sure to provide adequate sunlight and fresh air to your pot plant if it’s growing inside.

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