Best Herb Growing Kit

Best Herb Growing Kit

With limited indoor space, it can be difficult to think you have room to grow herbs. You can fit in your pots and pans, your fridge, your TV but herbs?

You would be surprised just how little space or maintenance a herb growing kit truly needs. Without one, you are denying yourself access to an easy, sophisticated means of upgrading your cooking.

You may be a budding chef, in which case having fresh herbs within arms reach is a major boon. It could make a huge difference. Imagine cooking for friends and family, you just need one basic herb to finish off a dish.

You check the cupboard and… it’s not there. Not to say your dish is ruined yet to really impress you could do with a herb growing kit.

Of course, you should want a spot for sunlight yet you may not even need that with the right kit. Consider which herbs you want to grow then shop around.

It’s relatively simple to grow your own herbs and you could even find one to match your overall indoor decor. Take a look at our picks and find the best herb growing kit for your indoor space.

Best for Beginners

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Best for Windowsills

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Best With Grow Light

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Best for Beginners

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Growing herbs can be a tricky business. Especially if you want a variety of herbs all in one kit.

Sometimes you just need a little help to get started with your herbs. A guiding hand comes from Planter’s Choice with their 9 Herb Indoor Starter Kit.

For a small investment, this kit has all the extras you need. Simply follow the instructions in the planting guide and off you go.

There are nine seeds to get you started from including oregano, cilantro, parsley, sage, thyme, basil, chives, dill, and southern giant mustard.

With great variety can come great difficulty in wondering what you have planted. Not so with bamboo markers to remind you.

The kit also includes drip trays, soil discs, plant markers, and reusable pots to use again and again. If you know someone who has a green thumb but does not know how to begin, this kit is a great gift.


  • Variety - Choose from a range of nine seeds to start you off
  • Extras - Comes with drip trays, plant markers, soil discs, and reusable pots
  • Gifting - Ideal as a gift for someone who wants to excel at cooking
  • Bamboo Markers - Identify your seedlings easily then watch them grow
  • Planting Guide - Follow the instructions to become a successful herb grower


  • Plastic Build - Sturdier materials are out there

Best for Windowsills

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Everyone wants quick results and that’s not always the case with growing your own produce.

Gardening is usually a rewarding yet time-consuming pastime yet in just two months you could be enjoying your own herbs.

That’s with the Urban Leaf Store Herb Garden Starter Kit. Simply plant your seeds in their biodegradable pots, find a sunny spot on the windowsill then keep your eye on them. Ok, maybe not stare, they’re not that fast growing. 

The sturdy and compact sustainably sourced timber planter box is ideal for windowsills and the environment. As well as being economical with space and time, the seed cultivars have been expertly picked for growing indoors.

The kit comes with a step by step instructions, QR codes to learn more, and a private Facebook group.

If you find yourself wanting a helping hand, there will be someone to show you the way. There are three coir pots to start you off with packs of parsley, basil, and cilantro seeds. More than enough to push your cooking to new heights.


  • Timber Planter Box - Compact design which is great for windowsills
  • Premium Seeds - The seed varieties are specifically chosen for indoor and urban gardening 
  • QR Codes - Handy for scanning when you need even more information and tips


  • Biodegradable Pots - Better for the environment yet may require your herbs to be repotted

Best With Grow Light

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Even herb growing kits can be innovative and stylish. If you are looking for a minimal design with rewarding results and seemingly little effort then think smart.

The Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit comes with a grow light that makes growing herbs seem effortless.

Innovation comes from a self-watering garden via capillary action that holds in water for an entire month. Great if you are liable to forget.

Smart Soil takes care of the science by gradually releasing nutrients, stabilizing pH levels then oxygenating the roots.

There is even science applied in the lighting from white and red LEDs. If you want to grow your herbs even quicker, opt for red LEDs to quicken up the photosynthesis process.

Take your pick from 50 different plant pods including classic herbs such as parsley and thyme. You could even try wild strawberries and chilies.

That decision may be the hardest thing as the kit is pretty much already assembled and, importantly, there are no GMOs or pesticides involved.


  • Smart Soil - For a gradual release of nutrients and automatically stabilized pH levels
  • Easily Assembled - The kit comes mostly assembled, including the lights
  • Two Light Types - To grow your herbs even further there are white and red LEDs
  • Scandinavian Design - Would fit in well with a minimal decor


  • Fixed Extension Arm - Even as the plants grow, the extension arm cannot be adjusted

Best for Variety and Volume

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If you have a bit more space to spare make the most of it with the iDOO Hydroponics Growing System.

This kit comes with 12 pods if you simply cannot make your mind about which herbs you want to grow or just want a few in bulk. There is little maintenance needed with a water level showing when it is time to refill.

At 4.5 litres, you will not need to refill it often. The water gets around too with a pump that can turn itself off as part of a Hydroponic growing system.

Part of that growing system is a fan to spread pollen and to disperse heat during germination.

There are two growing modes using 22-watt LED lights to simulate sunlight and promote photosynthesis. Ideal if you want to diversify from herbs and vegetables to flowers and fruits.

The lights can even be moved during various growth stages up to 11.3 inches, ideal if you enjoy how they brighten the space.


  • Hydroponic Growing System - Herb growing is faster by circulating the water
  • 4.5L Water Tank - Don’t worry about forgetting to water your herbs, this tank will last
  • Built-in Fan - Disperses heat and spreads pollen
  • Two Growing Modes - Promotes photosynthesis in variable weather conditions
  • Adjustable Lights - Move them up or down to enhance the growth of your herbs


  • Lack of Warning - You will have to set your own reminder to feed your herbs

Best for Organic

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There is a certain sense of satisfaction that comes from growing your own produce organically.

With the Hapinest Indoor Herb Garden Growing Seed Starter Kit you know you will get purely organic herbs. Even the five planting pods are made from biodegradable material. 

Great to tell your guests when they ask where the delicious flavors have originated from.

The seeds themselves are USDA organic and certified as Non-GMO which means the best quality around.

Even better for growing are two large soil-expanding discs that should add up to a quart of water each. Great water retention yet they are also OMRI listed with Non-GMO American soil. 

The kit comes with seeds for cilantro, chives, parsley, basil, and thyme so it is ideal for a budding chef.

From seedlings, watch them grow and when they are ready use the included herb grinder to sprinkle them into your dishes.


  • Biodegradable Pots - Five planting pods are included which are also a great alternative to plastic
  • Organic and Non-GMO - The seeds are USDA organic and contain no GMOs
  • Expandable Soil Discs - OMRI listed for organic use and should expand to a quart each for great water retention
  • Herb Grinder - To shred your own herbs so they are ready to apply to your dishes


  • Repotting - Herbs will require repotting outdoors once they have grown 

Best Herb Growing Kit Buying Guide

No matter how limited your indoor space, you should still be able to enjoy homegrown herbs.

It should also be hassle-free with features that are designed to make the process easier. From seedlings to sampling them in your cooking, there shouldn’t be a huge effort.

The technology that is available should mean you just have to regularly keep up the water levels and wait.

There are even features that can reduce the growing time. Soon enough you should have fresh herbs to add to your cooking.

Best Herb Growing Kit

Grow Light

One of those time-reducing features is a grow light. These are really helpful if you want to see results quickly and speed up the process.

By using a combination of colored LEDs a grow light can enhance the natural photosynthesis process. This should result in healthier herbs which have benefited from better, faster growth.

These are suitable for urban environments where the only spot for a kit is quite dim and you do not get as much natural light.

As with a lot of technology, LED grow lights can also be customised to match whatever you are growing. This could be herbs yet various plants require different lights and that can be achieved.

Grow lights can also be adjustable so you can move them higher or lower depending on the growth stage of your herbs.

Smart Technology

As well as grow lights, there are some herb growing kits that can largely take care of themselves.

No matter what time of the year, you should be able to expect consistently grown herbs. If you are away on vacation you can adjust the settings on a control panel and your herbs will be well looked after.

Forgetful about watering? Automated hydroponic systems can take care of that and combine it with a nutrient system. Telling the water level should be easy so you only need to worry about refilling it when it is low.

A fan can also help with the science of it all, to disperse pollen during fluorescence then provide heat dispersal during germination.

The technology is so advanced that there are even apps which you can use purely to take care of your herbs. They can tell you when to refill your water and even when you need to trim them and discard dead leaves.

You may even be able to find kits with seed-starting grow pods that should grow your herbs automatically. All without the need for soil. Though they would need a water reservoir, the technology isn’t that advanced. Not yet.


With herb growing kits being attractive to young urbanites, the designs are also taken into consideration.

Every inch of free space should add something to the overall look in your home. Finding the right kit may not simply be down to the technology or the space but the style.

That is why a lot of kits are built for the modern, urban home with sleek designs to match minimal decor schemes. If clean lines are what you desire then you should be able to find a suitable kit.

Some designs are minimalist to their core. If you have a quirky decor then perhaps you want a kit that grows your herbs in bottles.

There are designs that come without plastic for a more rustic look including biodegradable pots. For something eye-catching maybe even look for a kit with hand-painted planters or terracotta planters.


The best herb growing kits are invariably going to use the windowsill. A lot of kits have taken into account the size and shape of windowsills to fit just right.

They are compact and sturdy so they should suit the available space and look good without the worry they will fall over.

If you are lucky enough to have a windowsill with full-exposure to sunlight then you should be able to grow more herbs. Add the likes of peppermint and shiso if you are confident they will get enough sunlight each day.

Raised Bed Planters

If you struggle to bend down then look into raised bed planters. Not only are these great for getting an extra portion of light, they’ll also be easier on your back.

Herb Growing Kits can be precariously placed and you should not have to donate furniture to the cause.


There are various extras to look out for which all add to the enjoyment of your own herbs.

Growing kits can include a herb grinder for you to easily disperse your homegrown wares in your cooking. Plant markers should be included as extras so you can readily identify whatever you decide to grow. 

With kits that already have a set of herbs you can expect the markers to already have the herb names on them. There are also kits with soil discs so you do not need to get your own soil.

For beginners, herb growing kits can include instruction guides so you know exactly what to do. Growing herbs can be a delicate process and knowing how long it should take and what to expect does help.

Best Herb Growing Kit - FAQ's

How Often Should I Water My Herbs?

In order to keep your herbs consistently growing you should be watering them once a week. Ideally do this at the same time every week and stick to that routine.

Even the timing is important so aim to water your herbs in the early morning. Between 6 and 10am when the sun is still low to avoid evaporation.

You may find that you need to increase your watering to once or twice a week during summer months as the soil dries out. Be just as careful not to overwater your herbs as this can be just as harmful as underwatering them.

When Should I Re-pot My Herbs?

Look after your herbs and they should grow into seedlings that are about three inches high. Keep an eye on them because height is not all that matters as curling leaves can be a sign of an unhealthy herb.

You should only transplant your herbs when they are ready which should be between five and ten weeks. Look out for the time of year too as you do not want to re-pot them into a garden in the cold months.

Do Herbs Require Sunlight?

Not necessarily. If you live in an urban environment where sunlight is at a premium then opt for a growing kit with a grow light.

These can provide artificial light for your herbs up to 12 hours a day which is plenty. If you can get a decent amount of sunlight then your herbs should get at least six hours.

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