Best Cactus Grow Kits

Best Cactus Grow Kits

From the desert to your home, cacti are rapidly replacing more traditional potted plants as a favorite within households, be it for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

In recent years, cactus grow kits have allowed users to see both cacti and succulents grow from seed to prickly adulthood. A cactus can be the finishing touch to decorate a room, a great gift, or a cool conversation starter.

But for a beginner to the world of cacti, simply buying the seeds and trying to grow them on your own is bound to land you in a world of trouble. Cacti are more complex than many regular house plants.

How do you know which soil to use or when to water it? Do cacti even need watering? They are desert plants, after all.

So instead, you decide to buy a growing kit - but there are still too many overwhelming options! Kits with biodegradable pots, kits with terrariums attached, different soil types, and lists of species you couldn’t possibly know without intense research.

A growing kit should be there to make things simple, so why is it so difficult to find out which is the best?

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the information then don’t fear! We’ve compiled an article outlining the five best cactus grow kits on the market, with a handy list of pros and cons to highlight specific features.

We’ve also included a buyers guide and FAQ, to let you know what to expect when choosing your perfect kit! 


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Cactus Plant Kit by Urban Sprout is exactly what it says it is. A simple, robust growing kit with everything you need to get started on your cactus adventure.

Urban Sprout is a tried and tested company, with growing kits of several other kinds of plants.

Included are 5 different cacti plant varieties: Ferocactus, Organ Pipes, Hedgehog, Saguaro, and Golden barrel.

It comes with plant markers to identify your different species, soil pellets, seeds, vermiculite (a mineral that helps plants grow faster), a wooden spoon, spray bottle, pencil, and four pots.

This kit is designed for beginners, so it’s perfect for anyone looking to jump in without prior knowledge, but it’s also complex enough to keep you interested with multiple seed types.

It’s also a small and compact set, which makes it a lovely lightweight gift.


  • Multiple species - a selection of different cactus species. 
  • Clear instruction booklet - for easy understanding. 
  • Markers and Pencil to mark specimens - allows you to track the growth of different cacti.
  • Accompanying video on the company website - for if you need any visual help.


  • Cardboard Pots - instead of clay or biodegradable 
  • One Seed Sachet - seeds come in one sachet which means you can’t tell which are which before you start growing them. 
  • Basic - this is a simplistic and easy-to-pick-up kit, not recommended if you’d like something more complex. 


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Do you want something even simpler? Even smaller?

Then Buzzy has you covered. The Buzzy Mini Basin Seed Grow Kit is compact and simplistic. Each kit comes with a mini basin, a seed packet, a growing medium, and easy growing instructions. 

As a gift, the Buzzy Mini Basin Seed Grow kit is as lightweight as they come and would be perfect for somebody who would like to try growing cacti but has no experience.

Unlike some of the other Cactus Grow Kits on this list, Buzzy have made something specifically for outside or conservatories.

The metal, rustic basin is stylized to be a great addition to gardens. This Kit seems to be aimed more at greenhouses or gardens.


  • Simplistic - a mini three-piece set makes this kit the least complicated on the market. 
  • Metal Basin - a rustic look, perfect for gardens or conservatories 
  • Non-GMO - non-GMO certified and made in America.


  • One seed packet - only enough for a few plants.
  • Limited choice - no selection between succulents and cacti. 


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Here is another simplistic one, though it stands apart from the others because it’s specifically a Saguaro Cactus.

Do you want to grow a Cactus that looks exactly like what you’d see in a cowboy movie? Then this is the kit for you!

It’s simple enough, coming with a seed packet, clay pot, plastic lid with a stylish Arizona logo, and a small black tray.

The Arizona Sun Cactus Kit looks something like a tiny greenhouse on your windowsill, and once the Cactus grows then it’s a gorgeous house plant that will get visitors talking.


  • Saguaro Cactus - one impressive-looking species.
  • Simplistic Set - a small and compact kit that will make things simple - no managing multiple pots or species!
  • Slick Design - Looks like a mini greenhouse on your windowsill!


  • Basic - as simplistic as you can get when it comes to growing kits, this is not recommended if you’re looking for multiple species or something more complex. 
  • Unclear Instructions - some buyers report confusing instructions alongside the kit which could make the growing difficult. 


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Are you searching for something bigger? Does the person you have in mind to give a kit as a gift already have green fingers?

Then look no further than the Cactus Succulent Seed Starter Kit by Garden Republic! This robust kit comes with everything you’ll need to grow over 20 different species of both Cactus and Succulent.

It comes with mini shears for pruning, plant markers, 4 burlap grow bags, 4 soil discs, a planter gift box that doubles as an indoor planter. The seeds included with the set are both a succulent seed mix and a cactus seed mix.

Although there’s a lot more included in this kit than the last we mentioned, it is also designed to be simplistic.

This kit also includes a helpful support system. Not only are there accompanying instructional videos and a private Facebook Grower’s Community page, but also a Bot called the Grower Help Bot, which works through Facebook messenger that will answer your questions.

It’s clear that Garden Republic wants you to feel supported throughout your growing journey.

Another point of note for this kit is that all the seeds are Non-GMO (genetically modified) and tested for germination.

This ensures a level of environmental friendliness and quality assurance that you might not find in other growing kits.


  • Cactus and Succulents - two different kinds of desert plants to grow.
  • Species variety - Including 10 species of Succulent and 8 Cactus species.
  • Non-GMO - non genetically modified seeds. 
  • Informative Online Community - if you need extra help or just want to nerd out!


  • Burlap sacks - instead of strong plant pots. 
  • Mixed seeds - only two packs of mixed seeds, so if you want to grow specific species this might not be the best option for you. 


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Succulent & Cactus Seed Grow Kit by Home Grown is an endearing and small kit that would make a perfect gift.

It includes a variety of seeds: Blue Candle, Fishhook Barrel, Golden Barrel, Desert Spoon, Sacahuista, and Soaptree. These have been picked specifically for their air detoxifying properties as well as their sturdiness.

Both the cactuses and succulents have been selected to outlast other house plants without excessive care or constant checking.

The kit also comes complete with four ceramic pots with drainage, bamboo drip trays, wooden markers, potting soil, and a growing guide.

The grow guide is digital and aimed at helping beginners through the growing process.

The kit also comes in two different versions - ceramic or original, with different color combinations for each.

The difference in materials for both should be considered when buying, for each combination could look good in a different part of the home.


  • Specialized Cactus Pots - fitted with a small hole at the bottom to ensure plants drink without too much water. 
  • Nutrition Kit - designed to have the optimum amount of nutrients without waste. 
  • Artistic packaging and design- Great for a gift and looks better than other sets!


  • Species - a small variety of species.
  • Limited instructions - especially when compared to other kits on the market.

Best Cactus Grow Kits Buying Guide

Purchasing a Cactus Grow Kit might feel like a difficult task with so many to choose from and such a difference in features and species, so we’ve created this small and compact buyers guide to help you learn the key things you need to look out for when you’re searching for the right kit.

Keeping these in mind will help you choose without confusion or getting caught up in the jargon of the green-fingered enthusiasts!

Best Cactus Grow Kits


Maybe the most important factor to consider when looking for the perfect growing kit, is whether or not you’re looking for something simplistic or complex.

There are a variety of different kinds of kits out there and they range from single pots to a small garden of different plants.

Are you looking to just grow one single Cactus? Or are you trying to create an army of different Succulents and Cacti?

Perhaps you’re looking to give a small, simplistic gift and don't want to overwhelm the receiver. Either way, it’s good to keep in mind the size and ease of the kit you’re looking for.


Whilst looking into species might seem overwhelming, a short glance online can give you an understanding of what each seed pack in your kit might grow up to look like.

Do you want a magnificent Saguaro Cactus? Or maybe you want something that looks more alien and colorful like the Fishhook Barrel?

Either way, having an idea of what kind of species you’ll be planting with your kit is a good way to get excited about what you’re buying.

There are too many to list here, but there are some common species that almost all grow kits include, and if you can get an understanding of what these look like, then you’ll know exactly what to expect.


Growing Cacti and Succulents can be difficult, especially if you have no prior green-fingered knowledge.

It’s important to consider the support you’ll be given alongside your kit. Some kits have nothing more than a tiny booklet, leaving you to scour the internet or books alone, crossing your fingers and hoping your Cacti grow as you want them to.

Others have online support systems and extensive video tutorials to accompany their kits. Which of these is better comes down to you or the person you’re gifting.

If you’re more experienced with plants then a small booklet might be all you need, but if you’re a total beginner then a variety of different resources could make all the difference in how well your plants grow.

If you search reviews of growing kits online you’ll mostly find buyers praising or complaining about growth rate - so it’s important to do everything you can to make sure you’re not disappointed once the seeds are planted and you've waited patiently!


Considering what pots are coming in your grow kit is not something you should overlook. Are they ceramic or clay? Biodegradable or burlap sacks? Or maybe they’re made out of metal. Do they have specific features to help the cacti grow?

All of these factors are important when considering if the grow kit you’re looking at is the right one for you.

It’s also important to consider how the pots look and where you’ll eventually want to place them within your home or garden.

A metal basin won’t look so good in your bedroom, but maybe it would be perfect for a garden wall. Likewise, a ceramic pot could be perfect for a tiny windowsill that catches the dawn light just so.

Considering the eventual end look of your Cacti or Succulents is something worth considering!

Nutrition Kits

Unfortunately, growing Cacti and Succulents isn’t always as simple as just giving them sunlight and water. If you want to grow strong, healthy plants then you also have to give them good nutrients.

Thankfully, many kits already include these like Vermiculite or specific blends of nutrients that you can add to the soil.

Accessories And Addons

Another thing to consider is what else comes in your cactus grow kit.

Does it have wooden markers so you can track which seeds have been planted where? Does it have handy trays to place the pots on? Perhaps it comes with a fancy terrarium or wooden box to keep everything inside?

Some grow kits will also include items like clippers which will help you to prune the plants as they grow!

Keeping an eye out for what accessories come with what kit is important as they can help you on your way to growing strong, healthy cacti and succulents! 

Best Cactus Grow Kits - FAQ's

How Long Does It Take For A Cactus To Grow?

This is not a question there is an easy answer for, unfortunately, and can vary widely depending on species and how and where you are growing your cactus.

If you choose to keep your cactus inside in a controlled environment, they are more likely to germinate. If you leave them outside then it can take much longer.

Germination can take a long time, from three weeks to months. Your best bet is to follow any instructions with your kit as close as you can!

What Is Vermiculite?

Vermiculite is a mineral that is often used alongside soil for various kinds of gardening. It helps seeds to germinate faster and has been used as a growing medium for a long time. It helps to retain water and nutrients within the soil so that plants will grow up healthy and strong. 

Some of the grow kits listed above include vermiculite as either part of the soil or in a separate packet. It’s worth checking if your grow kit has vermiculite and if it doesn't, perhaps consider purchasing some separately.

What Is The Difference Between A Cactus And A Succulent?

They’re both prickly, but what are the differences between them? Although they are closely related, typically succulents have leaves and a more vibrant color than cacti.

Cacti tend to have more abrasive spikes and prickles, whilst succulents are softer and look juicer - the main reason they’re called ‘succulents.’

What Is The Benefit Of Growing Cactus?

The real benefit of growing a cactus is the feeling of nurturing and caring for a plant. It is both therapeutic as well as gratifying to see something grow from a seed into a prickly, strong plant. It’s a fun activity you can see and check every day.

Also, plants oxygenate the room which they’re in which has a variety of different health benefits. Studies over the years have linked house plants including cacti to increases in attention, productivity, and a decrease in stress levels.

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