Best Bonsai Tree Growing Kit

Best Bonsai Tree Growing Kit

The Bonzai tree is Japan’s answer to the Chinese Penzai tree. It mimics the shapes of regular trees, but at a fraction of the size!

These beautiful plants gained popularity in Japan during the Tang dynasty, and have since taken the hearts of horticulturalists worldwide.

These trees are not just plants; they are seen as a form of art. For hundreds of years now, Bonsai trees have been featured in artworks, ranging from medieval scrolls to a monthly magazine - Bonsai Gaho - in 1906.

Bonsai shows have been taking place all over the world for centuries now, and people have been sharing their admiration of this plant and comparing their maintenance techniques for just as long.

Because of their intricate beauty, these trees require a lot of care and attention. With all the history of the Bonsai tree, as well as their delicateness and size, it can be a little overwhelming to own one and feel as though you are looking after it well.

As with all plants, they require specific treatment. If you are considering introducing one of these miniature majestic trees into your home, you probably have a lot of questions.

How often do they need to be watered? How can I start growing one? What sort of pot does it need to be planted in? Do I need to trim the leaves?

Luckily for you, there are hundreds of companies that have developed incredible at-home Bonsai growing kits, that tell you everything you need to know and give you the things you need to grow a healthy Bonsai tree in your home.

What’s even better? We have done the research for you and collated our top picks of the best Bonsai growing kits out there. Take a look below at some of the best kits on the market, and find your favorite! 


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This perfect starter kit contains four different seed samples, meaning that you can plant and grow four of your very own Bonsai trees!

Each of the four Bonsai seed types is from different types of Bonsai trees, so each of your Bonsais will be unique! The four Bonsai trees are: Rocky Mountain Pine; Royal Poinciana; Blue Jacaranda; and Norway Spruce.

The Rocky Mountain Pine and Norway Spruce trees are both full of beautiful green hues, while the Poinciana is a vibrant red, and the Jacaranda a spectacular purple-blue!

This kit does not just give you one pretty tree, but a jungle of them!

This kit also comes with everything you need to plant the four trees. Alongside the safely stored seeds, the kit includes:

  • 4 Burlap Growing Pots
  • 4 Bamboo Plant Markers
  • 1 Expanding Soil Disk
  • 1 Bonsai Clipper
  • 1 Comprehensive and Nicely illustrated Instruction Booklet

Overall, there are fifteen elements to this kit which combine to give you everything you need to grow the Bonsai trees - even if you have never owned a plant before!

The step-by-step instructions mean that the process of planting and caring for your trees is easy enough for anyone.

The fact that this kit provides all four pots means that you don’t have to worry about going out to find the right pot for each different plant, because it is already there.

Plus, the expanding soil disk is all you need to feed the newly-planted seedlings, and you can differentiate the four trees with the plant markers. The complex art of growing a Bonsai really is made simple by this kit!


  • In-depth instruction booklet included
  • Grow up to four unique trees
  • All four pots included


  • If you are looking for fast results, this kit is not the one for you. Consider purchasing a pre-planted young Bonsai to care for, if you are not ready to spend a few years on these plants before seeing proper growth.


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This next kit on the list also provides four different sets of seeds, all of which differ from the first kit’s.

The four trees that you can grow from this kit are: Pinus Thunbergii (Japanese Black Pine); Acacia Dealbata (Silver Wattle); Jacaranda Mimosifolia; and Picea Mariana (Black Spruce).

Here’s a little bit about each Bonsai tree to help you make your decision.

Pinus Thunbergii

This pine tree is native to Japan. It is particularly popular due to the way in which its bark appears rough and weathered, making it look like an old tree even when it is young. Its leaves are a bright, light green.

Acacia Dealbata

This vibrant tree produces the most spectacular yellow flowers. Funnily enough, though, this breed of Bonsai did not originate in Japan, but in Australia.

Jacaranda Mimosifolia

The blue of this tree’s flowers is unmatched and spectacular. Originally from South America, this tree has been adopted by countries all over the world, thanks to its beauty and long-lasting flowers.

Picea Mariana

The leaves on this Bonsai are a gorgeous blue-green, and its bark has hints of pink tones. It is originally from North America, but can now be found in multiple places.

Included In This Kit

  • 4 Packets of Seeds
  • 4 Expanding Soil Disks
  • 4 Bamboo FIbre Pots
  • 1 Instructions Booklet
  • 4 Wooden Plant Markers

The seed packets are heat sealed, and the seeds within them have a germination rate of at least 95%. This means that it is very unlikely that your seeds will fail to grow into a tree, if you follow the instructions.

What is even better about this kit, is that it includes extra seeds; if your first attempt is unsuccessful, you can try again with the second round of seeds!

The soil disks are made from Coco fiber, which promotes a high rate of water absorption and retention and reduces the risk of mold growing in your plant.

The bamboo pots are made from completely natural materials, and will therefore be ideal for creating natural growth conditions.


  • Guaranteed high germination rate of seeds
  • Four beautiful species included
  • Four Coco fiber disks provide ample nutrition and water retention


  • No pruning device or clipper included, so you will need to purchase one separately


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If you are looking to grow your own Bonsai but do not fancy starting from scratch, why not consider buying a live Bonsai.

Bonsais can live for around one hundred years, so if you buy one that has been pre-planted and already started to grow, you will still have plenty of input in its growth and care.

This particular live Bonsai will be around three years old when it arrives. The benefit of growing a Bonsai tree that is already a few years old is that it has already overcome the risky germination stage, so the hardest part has been done for you.

Another benefit is that you can enjoy looking at it and pruning it straight away, instead of having to wait for months or even years to see some real growth.

When this Bonsai kit arrives, the tree will be between eight and ten inches tall. This species of Bonsai tree has rounded, thick leaves that range from dark to light green. When in flower, it produces pretty light pink flowers.

The plant comes pre-planted in a cute glazed clay pot, which features a figure of a fisherman - it is adorable. Alongside the plant and pot, this kit comes with soil and detailed care instructions.

Prior to your purchase, the Bonsai tree will have been grown professionally in a state-of-the-art greenhouse with very specific conditions and care routines. 

So, as long as you follow the instructions for your tree carefully, you should have a happy, healthy Bonsai.

If not, though, this pack comes with a handy thirty-day warranty, meaning that if you are dissatisfied with the product, you can return or exchange it within thirty days of receiving it. Easy peasy!


  • Pre-planted tree eliminates risk of an unsuccessful germination
  • You can begin admiring and pruning your Bonsai immediately
  • Comes with a cute and artistic pot


  • No pruning equipment included
  • Not suitable if you would like to grow your tree from scratch
  • A little pricier than most growing kits


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This start-from-scratch Bonsai kit is another great option if you are looking to take care of your Bonsai from the seedling stage.

Plus, it comes with both a printed and a digital instructions manual, making it easy for you to learn about your plants - even if you’ve lost the instructions!

This kit includes the seeds to grow four different Bonsai trees: a Rockspray Cotoneaster, a Japanese Maple, a Japanese Privet, and a Sacred Fig.

The Rockspray Cotoneaster has the most beautifully contrasting colors, due to its dark green leaves and bright red flowers! It almost looks a little Christmassy!

The colors of the Japanese Privet and Sacred Fig trees are luminescent greens, and the Japanese Maple grows the loveliest pinky-red leaves.

Included In This Kit

  • 4 Seed Packets
  • 4 Glazed Ceramic Pots
  • 4 Bamboo Trays for Excess Water
  • 4 Plant Markers
  • Soil Peats
  • 1 Fertilizer Pack
  • 1 Instructions Booklet

The ceramic pots are decorated with an elegant gray marble pattern, which will help your naturally beautiful tree to fit in with any modern environment.

The soil peats and fertilizer included in the pack mean that you do not even have to pop to the shops - you can start growing your trees as soon as you receive the kit!


  • Elegant marbled plant pots
  • Fertilizer and soil peats included
  • Paper and digital instruction manuals


  • No pruning equipment included
  • If you are looking for fast results, this kit is not the one for you. Consider purchasing a pre-planted young Bonsai to care for, if you are not ready to spend a few years on these plants before seeing proper growth. 


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Plant up to four gorgeous Bonsais with this simple step-by-step growing guide. The four different packets of seeds are ready to blossom into four individual and breathtaking plants.

The species of Bonsai included in this pack are: Brazilian Rosewood, Black Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce, and Flame Tree.

Each of these trees has a unique color and shape, which means you can create your own vibrant forest!

Add a bit of color to your kitchen with the Brazilian Rosewood, which flourishes into a violet-colored frenzy.

Add a calm blue color to your bathroom with the Colorado Blue Spruce, whose leaves will leave you questioning how a color that bright can be natural!

The simple Black Spruce’s hues will add the greenery to your home that you need for some uplifting freshness.

The deep reds of the aptly named Flame Tree’s leaves will warm the atmosphere of the room around it and catch the eyes of anyone who passes it. There’s a tree in this kit for every mood!

Alongside The Seed Packs, This Kit Contains

  • 1 Wooden Planter
  • 4 Waterproof Burlap Sacks for Potting
  • 4 Nutritious Soil Disks
  • 1 Set of Bonsai Gardening Shears
  • 4 Wooden Plant Markers
  • 1 Detailed Instructions Manual

This kit has everything you need to watch your Bonsai trees grow from tiny seeds to blooming plants.

Thanks to the nutrition-rich soil disks, there is no need to purchase and plant feed for a long time. Use the wooden plant markers to write the date of planting for each tree, and to differentiate the different species easily.


  • 4 colorful Bonsai species for a variety of moods and settings
  • Gardening shears included
  • The seeds are non-GMO and natural


  • Only one planter included, meaning you will have to purchase three planting pots separately


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This do-it-yourself Bonsai growing kit cuts out the hardest stage of growing and gives you a live six year old Bonsai, that is ready for continued care and maintenance.

If you want a hands-on relationship with a Bonsai tree but do not have the time to start from the very beginning, this Juniper could be your perfect match.

The Japanese Juniper species is one of the most commonly bought, thanks to it being easy to shape and style. It will arrive in this pack with a height of between six and eight inches, and a spread of the same size.

As Well As The Healthy Live Bonsai Tree, This Kit Comes With

  • Ceramic Pot
  • Training Wire
  • Decorative Pebbles
  • Potting Mix
  • Drainage Hole Cover
  • Detailed Instructions Guide
  • Cute Figurine to Decorate

This kit has everything you need to make sure that this healthy Bonsai continues to flourish.

The aesthetic ceramic pot and decorative pebbles that are included have the attractiveness of your Bonsai sorted. The pot is neutral in color, so will fit in in almost any setting, and you can arrange the pebbles however you like!

The little Japanese-style bridge figurine adds the zen appearance of a Japanese garden and really adds to the overall look.

The training wire included in the kit will enable you to shape the tree as you like, and to maintain its structural integrity. Everything else you need to do will be explored in-depth in the instructions leaflet.


  • Difficult planting phase skipped, thanks to the age of the Bonsai
  • Large Ceramic Pot included
  • Decorative features included


  • No shears or pruning equipment included


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If you would like to choose your own pots, or if you want to experiment with a larger number of Bonsai species, this kit included eight seed varieties, and excludes the pots.

The eight species of Bonsai tree included in this pack can be any of the following: Brazilian Rosewood, Bristlecone Pine, Dawn Redwood, Flame Tree, Japanese Red Pine, Black Spruce, Black Pine, Colorado Blue Spruce, Siberian Elm, or Buddha Tree.

The wide range of Bonsai types means that you will have an array of colors and shapes to choose from, and will have a very oxygenated house if you decide to plant all eight of them!

Alongside The Seeds, This Pack Includes

  • 8 Bamboo Plant Markers
  • Wooden Gift Box
  • Instructions Manual

The wooden gift box makes this a perfect gift for any occasion, or just gives you a pretty container for storing your kit.


  • Wide variety of Bonsai species included
  • Bamboo marker for each of the plants


  • No soil included
  • No pots included
  • No shears or pruning equipment included

Best Bonsai Tree Growing Kit Buying Guide

When you buy a Bonsai tree, you are making a lifelong investment. These magical trees can live for hundreds of years, but that all depends on how well you treat them.

Because they are likely to last a long time, it is important that you choose the right kit for you. Below are some of the things you should consider before buying your own Bonsai.

Best Bonsai Tree Growing Kit

The Stage Of Life Of The Bonsai

As you now know, you can either buy a live, pre-planted Bonsai tree, or you can start from scratch with the seeds. Both of these are great options if you are looking to grow your own Bonsai, but they create very different experiences.

If you want to grow your plant from the very beginning, when it only exists in seed form, that’s great! However, you have to be ready to be patient, because it is probable that your tree won’t look anything like a tree for at least a couple of years.

Bonsais are slow growers, so if you want to have a Bonsai tree to clip and admire straight away, you might not want to buy them when they are seeds.

Another thing about buying Bonsai seeds is that there is never a 100% guarantee that they will germinate successfully.

Live Bonsais, however, are a great option if you want to have a tree that has successfully completed its initial few years of life, and got through the germination process, and now just needs maintaining.

Both options require a lot of care and dedication from you, so make sure that you are ready to commit to your tree.

Pots And Pebbles

When comparing at-home Bonsai kits, it is clear that some give you more help than others.

If you want to be able to start growing your own Bonsai tree as soon as your kit arrives, it might be best for you to pick a kit that comes with its own planting pots and decorative pebbles. 

If you know that you are quite particular when it comes to interior design, though, you might want to purchase your planting pots separately, to make sure you find some that go with your home.

That’s completely fine, too, because some of the kits only include the seeds, and don’t come with their planting pots.


As with any product, Bonsai starter kits range in price and quality. Before investing your hard-earned money on your plant, decide how much you are willing to spend on it.

As the kits’ inventories differ from kit to kit, factor in how much you are saving if you were to choose an all-inclusive kit, or how much you would need to spend separately on pots and extras if only the seeds are included. 

Best Bonsai Tree Growing Kit - FAQ's

Do Bonsai Trees Make Good Gifts?

Absolutely! Bonsais are a great gift for well-practiced plant lovers and newbies alike.

How Often Should I Water My Bonsai?

Each Bonsai requires a unique watering regime, so follow the instructions that come with your Bonsai kit carefully. As a general rule, though, try not to over water your tree and only water it when the topsoil is fairly dry.

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