16 Types Of Marigold Plants

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Marigolds are a really popular type of flower to grow every year. It has become one of the most common plants to find in most gardens.

Marigolds are very easy to grow, but do require a lot of sun and well draining soil.

There are four main marigold plant families, all of which have different varieties of marigold plants within it. 

In this article we will discussing the 16  types of marigold plants that you can find and plant in your own garden.

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

French Marigolds

The following types of marigolds are part of the french marigold family. French marigolds are easy to care for and have low maintenance. They provide a beautiful aroma and will bloom three out of the four seasons.

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Bonanza Marigold

Bonanza is a dwarf variety of the french marigolds, that are quite bushy and compact. The blooms colors are very eye-catching. With a very rusty red petal and bright yellow borders, they grow up to 8 to 10 inches high.

This type of marigold is ideal for growing outdoors in garden beds and containers. This flower will begin blooming in the late spring and throughout the summer until fall.

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Bounty Marigold

Bounty Marigolds are more suited for hot and humid weather. They grow to be around 10 to 12 inches tall.

The flowers that are produced are only 2 inches wide and grow at the top of the plant. This type of marigold is normally orange, red or gold in color. 

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Little Hero Marigold

This type of marigold is only 6 to 8 inches high, and another dwarf variety. This type of marigold produces double carnations that appear in a range of shades of red, yellow, orange and gold. They love hot and humid climates.

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Safari Marigold

Safari marigolds come in a range of colors, which includes yellow, gold, orange, red and mahogany. This plant can grow up to 14 inches in height and the blooms themselves can be around 3 inches wide.

This is a very strong aromatic plant, that is characterized by its carnation like dmri double flowers.

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Hero Marigold

A mature hero marigold plant will reach around 10 inches in height and 2 inches in width. This type of marigold can appear in seven different colors.

The double layer feature of this bloom is what gives its width, thus making it one of the larger marigold varieties. This plant will produce its flowers in the summer and fall. 

Janie Marigold

Janie Marigolds look very similar to carnations in its appearance, due to the ruffled flower head. The flower head itself is quite small and seen on the end of the stalk.

Throughout the seasons, the ferny leaves will keep their dark green color. As this is such a small plant, it is better to place them at the front of any border or edging.

Or you can plant them in any container no matter its size or shape. 

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Signet Marigolds

This next set of marigold plants are part of the signet family. These types of marigolds are actually edible, therefore they can be planted in your garden or herb garden. These flowers are typically round and billowy. 

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Lemon Gem Marigold

The lemon gem marigold is associated with its daisy-like blooms that can be seen throughout summer and fall. They have a distinctive lemon like color and only grow up to 1 foot high.

Making this a small type of marigold. Lemon gem marigolds will do well in most weather conditions, except for extremely cold winters.

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Red And Tangerine Gem Marigolds

Very similar to the lemon gem marigold, the only difference is that the flower blooms in either a red or tangerine color. 

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Irish Lace Marigold

The Irish Lace Marigold is a new species of marigold. It can grow up to 20 inches tall and has a very strong aroma that is quite similar to liquorice.

The leaves on this plant are quite feathery in appearance. Small white blooms are visible with dark green leaves. This plant can be used in tea or as a flavoring. 

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Pot Marigold

The pot marigold isn’t seen as a true marigold but is classed under the signet marigold family. They have a very quick growth cycle, as they will bloom after 2 months of being sewn.

The flowers themselves are editable and commonly used as garnish or in salads. This type of marigold is normally found in a bright yellow or orange color. Commonly grown as a herb rather than a flower to look at.

Calendula is a popular type of pot marigold. It is a very sturdy type of flower that is also drought resistant. It has a semi double flower head. The flower head is very attractive to bees and butterflies.

The petals also have a very strong spicy flavor and have been known to be used for culinary and medical purposes. Calendula aren’t suited for intense heat and can easily die out in hot and humid conditions.

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Spanish Tarragon Marigold

Normal tarragon doesn’t grow well in hot and humid conditions, therefore the spanish tarragon marigold is a perfect alternative.

This type of plant will grow up to 3 feet high and has quite small blooms. The flowers are normally a deep yellow or gold color. However, this is a great alternative to tarragon.

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

African/Aztec/Mexican Marigolds

These types of marigolds can be known as either african, aztec or american. They typically have very large blooms, which makes them ideal for floral arrangements and bouquets.

This type of marigold has very strong scents that warn off any animals that might try and ruin your garden. This is a very popular type of marigold that is widely available everywhere.

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Mexican Marigold

The mexican marigold can also be known as the aztec or african marigold. Normally seen grown in the wild of Mexico. The flowers are often used to decorate tombs and altars during the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. 

The Aztecs also used these flowers or medical and ceremonial purposes. They even used the marigolds as a yellow dye and a skin wash.

Alongside this they can be added to salads or used as a perfume/scent. 

This type of marigold can grow up to 3 feet high and 5 inches wide. They make great flowers for your garden beds or as background plants.

Also, they are available in a range of colors, including: white, yellow, orange and yellow. A very versatile marigold that is still widely used for multiple purposes today. Whilst also making a great flower for decoration.

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Park’s Whopper Marigold

Another variation of the African/Aztec/Mexican Marigold. This is one of the largest types of marigolds that you can find. This is a double blooming flower, which is filled with short quilled petals.

All the petals are symmetrically rounded. The flower head is extremely large, which then means that the stalk is very thick to keep the large head up. The stem can also resist extreme weather conditions such as storms and rainfall. 

This flower attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. While also the leaves are very fragrant, and the flower itself is fragrant and very eye-catching.

As this is such a large flower it is more suited for larger containers or at the back of your flower beds. This is so the plant doesn’t take away any sunlight from smaller plants that might be growing behind it.

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Moonstruck Marigold

Moonstruck is a type of African marigold, which you will notice has huge domed yellow or orange flower heads. They have strong and waterproof stalks that keep the flowers in place throughout the seasons.

The flower head has very tightly packed petals, which helps protect the flower from the rain. 

The moonstruck marigold is one of the most weather proof marigolds you will find. These flowers will continue to bloom until the frosts begin. If you deadhead this plant regularly, then the flowers will continue to grow and bloom.

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Triploid Hybrid Marigolds

The following are from the triploid hybrid marigold family. This means that these flowers are a hybrid of french and american marigolds.

These types of marigolds have very large flowers, which are very sturdy and strong. These plants can handle tougher weather conditions.

They can remain healthy and beautiful no matter how hot or humid their environment is. Yet the downside is that they can be a little bit challenging to grow due to their low germination rate.

16 Types Of Marigold Plants

Zenith Marigold

Zenith Marigolds can grow up to 14 inches high and 3 inches wide. Zenith is a compact and bushy plant. They begin flowering from the late spring until fall.

They produce double layered flowers that have deep red petals with a golden yellow border. The leaves of this variety are also known to be very aromatic.

Nugget Marigold

Nugget Marigolds aren’t a hugely popular choice, but they can still be seen in some peoples gardens. This type of marigold has a compact double flower head, which comes in the traditional marigold colors of red, gold, orange and yellow.


As you can see there is a wide variety of marigold plants out there. Possibly a lot more than you may have expected. Yet marigolds are a favorite of gardeners around the world. Now you know 16 types of marigold plants, that you could now plant in your own garden.

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