16 Types Of Green Plants

16 Types Of Green Plants

Green plants are beautifully natural additions to any garden and indoor space. This gorgeous foliage ranges from lime green to rich emerald green, suiting a wide range of tastes. Adding green plants is a beautiful way to add a cool freshness to any interior!

If you’re looking for something special to elevate your landscaping, these green plants add lushness and often stay leafy all year round. In addition, there are so many greens ready to be homed or replanted on the market, giving you lots of choices. 

There are ornamental grasses that make showy outdoor displays; these are versatile and hardy, making them brilliant additions. Or, Perennials are blooming flowers that add elegance to any outdoor space. There are also annuals with short life cycles, yet often create impressive features.

But, with so many different textures, shapes, and varieties out there, it can be hard to decide which plant will suit you best. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve made a list of some gorgeous green plants. So, feast your eyes on these natural beauties!

Chinese Evergreen

This gorgeous evergreen plant is a brilliant choice if you want a low-light tolerant houseplant. The plant’s leaves come in lovely shades of green, or if you feel like branching out, they also come in gray, pink, and silver! 

These plants are super tough and adaptable, able to survive a dark corner in a room. They have waxy tongue-like leaves that bring a tropical element to any interior decor. Please note that this plant is poisonous if chewed by children or pets. Doing so causes severe irritation to the throat, tongue, and lips. 

Snake Plant

This plant, otherwise known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, is super hardy. If you’re prone to killing houseplants, this nearly indestructible green plant is for you. It tolerates little water and low light conditions without losing its lusciousness.

The leaves are striking shapes that ripple upwards, creating rigid texture in any home. It can grow up to 4 feet tall, giving you a lot for your money! 


If you’re looking for an adorable indoor plant, the philodendron has heart-shaped leaves that drape. This brilliant plant’s foliage has gorgeously green waxy leaves that shimmer in the light. It’s easy to please, adapting to low-light conditions, being super chilled out if you skip watering it occasionally. 

This plant’s vines make it a brilliant option for placing on a mantelpiece or hanging from the ceiling. The draping quality will bring jungle vibes to any space.

ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant is super drought tolerant, accepting low-light spots, and thriving. This plant is sometimes called the Eternity Plant because it’s so long-lasting. It has thick stems which proudly display its fanning leaves that reach upwards. 

The deep green leaves have a shiny, smooth quality that adds crisp definition to any soft interior. This plant grows 2-3 feet wide and tall, making it a convenient size for placing anywhere in a room without dominating the space.

Spider Plant

These houseplants are super popular with a reputation for being easy to look after. And it’s no wonder as the green and white stripes create a bushy look that adds bohemian style to any room. 

Once they’ve grown large enough, they grow extra adorable baby spider plants on the end of long stems. These minor additions can be cut off and easily planted in other pots, making brilliant presents. This means that if you look after this plant, you can easily double or even triple your spider plant collection relatively quickly! 

Bells of Ireland

The Bells of Ireland have many trumpet-end-shaped flowers that bloom from one stalk. This plant is similar to foxgloves, except they’re green! The blooms have a papery texture, which makes for lovely cut flowers. 

Their tall stems add height to flower arrangements, or you can ensure they last longer by drying them out. This is an annual plant; you would have to replant it every season if you want these growing long-term.

Dianthus ‘Green Ball’

The Dianthus ‘ Green Ball’ is a perfect choice for those who love their plants to look wild, messy, and fluffy. This lime green plant creates flowering balls that add movement to any gardening bed. The fun shape would suit being placed as a feature in containers, too, offering a fuzzy alternative to topiary. 

This spiky leaved plant is full of movement, rippling in the wind and bringing interest to any dull landscape. We love that they have an informal look, suiting laid-back gardeners who don’t mind their outdoor spaces having soft edges.

Light-Green Carnation

The light-green carnation is a subtly beautiful flower with frilly edges, popular in bouquets. This romantic plant works well if you want to grow your own wedding flowers or have a steady stream of blooms for vases. These are much less expensive than lots of other occasion flowers, too! 

And there are carnations to suit most garden styles, as they come in the biennial, annual, and perennial varieties. So if you love delicate flowers with sleek stems and tutu-Esque petals, this light-green carnation is for you. 


Chrysanthemums come in bright green shades and are structural flowers with rigid petals. These are beloved by florists, as they bring definition and pops of color to any flower display. They have a minimalist single stem that towers vertically to balance their round blooms elegantly. 

Gerbera Daisy

This cheerful green flower has a sunny shape that is super popular with many florists. They last a long time when cut, bringing joy to any garden. The fanning petals delicately overlap, creating a tutu around the central smaller petals. 

The gerbera daisy comes in annual, perennial, or tender perennial varieties. With this plant in your landscape, you can have your own bouquet growing in your flowerbed. No need to even cut these delicate appearing blooms if you don’t want to!


The hydrangea is beloved in U.K. seaside towns because their pom-pom blooms brighten up the sidewalks. The generously sized flowers are stunning to come across and bring brightness to any garden. If you want to get the flowers a little closer, they work well when snipped at the stem and placed in a glass filled with fresh water.

The ‘Little Lime’ hydrangea appears like light green butterflies, gently resting on thin stems. These flowers produce sweet and fragrant smells, too! The hydrangea proves that it’s worthwhile to stop and smell the flowers, even on a busy day. They also make full hedgerows, so they’re great if you want to create privacy between you and your neighbor.


The peperomia comes in various subspecies, which all have soft, waxy leaves. The leaves are small yet highly pigmented, providing boldness to any space. These houseplants are easy to look after, bringing natural colors to windowsills and other previously bare spots.

This green plant loves being in medium to low light environments. It likes its soil to be allowed to dry in between being generously watered. Typically, it can grow up to 1 foot wide and tall, ideal for small flats or sitting on an office desk. It’s not for cat or dog owners, though, as the plant is poisonous if they chew or eat it.

Grape Ivy – ‘Ellen Danica’

Ellen Danica, also called Oakleaf Ivy, has oak-like foliage that’s also shiny, wide, and deep green. The waxy leaves look stunning in an indoor hanging basket with a lovely textural quality. It can even grow to 6 feet, so it’s ideal for bigger rooms or if you want to create a bohemian jungle vibe. 

There are multiple varieties of grape ivy, each with different leaf cuts. However, no matter the grape ivy you go for, the plant will grow vines that adore clinging to a stake, trellis, or wire. This makes it a fantastic option to create an indoor wall feature with a plant. In addition, the Grape Ivy plant loves medium light, sitting in consistently moist soil. 

English Ivy

If you’re searching for a whimsical vining plant, the English Ivy is an excellent choice. It has leathery leaves, but unfortunately, is highly invasive when planted outside. So, it makes a beautiful houseplant that likes bright indirect light and requires little maintenance.

Many varieties provide exciting leaf patterns, shapes, and formations. It works well on shelves or bookcases as it drapes lightly, softening any harsh edges. If you prefer your plants to have a perkier look, you can encourage them to climb supports. The trails can even reach 6 feet or more! 


This is a trailing plant with slender stems, small, waxy leaves, and a carefree appearance. The plant may occasionally bloom, which come in little huddles of sweet-smelling pink flowers. It’s a super fragrant indoor flowering plant, needing very little care, which is a bonus for those who aren’t green-fingered.

The hoya prefers bright to medium light, with soil allowed to dry between being watered.


And there you have it, these are some of the most beautiful green plants to grow either indoors or out. Whether you want a delicate bloom such as a carnation, or sprawling houseplant like a spider plant, there’s plenty to choose from! 

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