15 Types Of Yellow Plants

15 Types Of Yellow Plants

Yellow is one of the most vibrant and radiant colors. Though there are a lot of negative associations with the color yellow, such as cowardice, it can also be an incredibly positive color.

For many, it represents happiness and optimism. As a result, yellow plants can look really positive and energetic. 

In the natural world, yellow is found in many popular and beautiful plants. This includes sunflowers and daffodils. Alongside these iconic plants, we will be exploring some of the lesser-known yellow plants that can be found in nature. 

Yellow Plants

15 Types Of Yellow Plants


You may not have heard of this plant, especially if you do not have very green fingers. Originally, acacia was only found in Africa and Australia. In terms of appearance, these plants are yellow or golden in color. They have a very soft and fuzzy texture. 

15 Types Of Yellow Plants

Black-Eyed Susans 

This is the more common name of the plant rudbeckia hirta. These plants are grown primarily in North America. It has become a symbol of Maryland, being its state flower since 1918. 

The dark brown or black center of this wildflower creates a stark and appealing contrast with its bright yellow petals.

It is from this dark center that these plants got the nickname “black-eyed.” They will bloom between June and October. If you are growing these plants, you should bear in mind that they are incredibly territorial. 

15 Types Of Yellow Plants


Daffodils are the national plant of Wales. They are celebrated for their eye-catching shades of yellow and orange. In terms of appearance, daffodils feature six petals around a cup-shaped corona.

Though yellow is the most iconic color for this plant, you can also see it in other hues. 

Famously, daffodils begin to emerge during the spring. Because of this, they are considered a symbol of the beginning of spring.

These plants are good for relative novices when it comes to gardening. This is because they can be grown in most climates, as long as there is some sunlight.  

15 Types Of Yellow Plants


While black dahlias have become popular in jewelry and as symbols of death, the yellow dahlia is very visually stunning. You may want to think about including them in your garden if you want to brighten it up. 

Since 1963, the dahlia has been the national flower of Mexico. Dahlias are also popularly used in marriage ceremonies.

This is because the plants were considered a symbol of commitment by the Victorians. Thus, they symbolize the marital commitment that is made during a wedding.

Fun fact: did you know that there are 42 different species of dahlia? 

15 Types Of Yellow Plants


If you enjoy cooking, you will likely have used fennel as an ingredient. This herb is aromatic, adding an inviting odor and taste to a dish.

It is used as a herb in a number of different cuisines across the world. It is also used to make absinthe, an alcoholic spirit. 

Interestingly, this herb is a member of the carrot family. When it grows, the fennel will have yellow flowers. Fennel is quite simple to grow, meaning that you may want to consider adding it to your garden.

Not only can it add some color, but it may also enhance your culinary experiences. 

15 Types Of Yellow Plants


If you are looking for a yellow plant, look no further than the forsythia. This yellow flower has a very bold look.

The forsythia gets its name from William Forsyth. Forsyth, a Scottish gardener, was one of the original members of the Royal Horticultural Society, which was founded in 1804. 

15 Types Of Yellow Plants


Goldenrods are the common name of solidago, a genus that has over 100 different species. The plant has been nicknamed this due to its unique golden-yellow color.

They are native to North American countries, though they are now found across the globe. They tend to bloom toward the end of summer. 

15 Types Of Yellow Plants


Native to Europe and Asia, there are actually 80 different species of hollyhocks. These plants are more formally known as alcea. Traditionally, these flowers are either yellow, pink, purple, or white in color. They have been included in this list because the yellow hollyhock looks very sophisticated. 

Because of their fragrant smell, hollyhocks will attract plenty of butterflies and bees to your garden. If you love these creatures, you should contemplate planting some hollyhocks. 

15 Types Of Yellow Plants


Like some of the other plants on this list, Irises are not just yellow in color. In fact, the name of these plants comes from the word for “rainbow” in Greek. Because of this, the plants share their name with the Greek goddess Iris, who personifies rainbows.

Like the rainbow, irises come in a several colors. Despite this, yellow irises are our favorite. If you were born in February, then the iris will be your birth flower. 

If you plan on growing irises in your garden, you should consider that they can be harmful to pets. As a result, you should not grow them if you have pets in your household.

They can also be quite irritating to humans. As a result, you should not consume them.

15 Types Of Yellow Plants


The name “marigold” is appropriate for these plants since they have a vibrant gold/ yellow color. Their formal name is less appropriate, as they are named tagetes. The marigold is part of the daisy family.

Aside from yellow, they also come in a number of warm colors, such as red and orange.

Though they can survive most seasons, they will not be able to bloom during the winter, as they are too sensitive to frost. Marigolds are very popular with gardeners 

15 Types Of Yellow Plants


Pansies can be found in a variety of colors, including white and purple. However, the yellow pansy is perhaps the most striking. Not only do pansies look incredibly elegant, but they are also edible.

They can be added to salads to give them additional flavor and for their bold aesthetic, 

There is an unfortunate history of the word “pansy” being used as an insult for feminine men. Fortunately, the usage of this meaning has become unpopular nowadays. 

15 Types Of Yellow Plants


The sophora plant is native to a wide variety of places, including Asia, Australiaisa, and the United States. These yellow flowers tend to droop, creating their distinctive shape.

The sophora is known as the “sun king”, partly because of its bright color. 

15 Types Of Yellow Plants


Perhaps the most obvious yellow plant, sunflowers, known as Helianthus, are renowned for their sun-like appearance.

The head of the flower is round in shape and surrounded by bright yellow petals. The floret of the sunflower is patterned in a mesmerizing spiral. 

The sunflower is native to America, specifically North and Central America. The best time to grow these flowers is during the summer.

Before they bloom, sunflowers will turn toward the sun. This will allow them to absorb the sunlight required for photosynthesis. 

When some people hear the word “sunflower”, they will instantly think of the paintings of the same name by Vincent van Gogh. Painted between 1887 and 1888, these paintings depict the flowers. 

15 Types Of Yellow Plants


There is a variation of the verbascum plant, known as the Cotswold Queen, that has a sensational yellow coloring. These plants have yellow petals and a purple eye.

If you know anything about color theory, you will probably be aware that purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel.

The Cotswold Queen is very visually arresting thanks to this contrast. If you intend to grow these plants, they require well-drained soil. 

15 Types Of Yellow Plants


The yarrow plant is popular with a range of different insects. In fact, many of these creatures use yarrows as landing pads. The official name of the yarrow is a bit of a mouthful.

They are known as achillea millefolium. Yarrows are used in tea-making. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Ornamental Tree Has Yellow Colors?

The laburnum comes to mind. This tree has been dubbed the golden/ yellow chain tree. As you may have guessed from their nickname, these trees have distinctive yellow-colored pea-flowers. 

Can You Get Yellow Wisterias?

No, there is no such thing as a yellow wisteria. If you believe that you saw a yellow wisteria, you likely mistook it for a different plant. You may have instead seen a golden chain tree. 

What Is The Nicest Yellow Plant?

This is a very subjective question that will depend on the individual. In truth, the yellow plant that you find prettiest will be reliant on your preference.

However, our favorite yellow plants are daffodils and sunflowers. These plants are iconic for a reason, namely because they look extremely sophisticated. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see from this list, there are a huge variety of different yellow plants out there. Though this list is compiled of 15 yellow plants, there are actually many more varieties out there.

Each of these plants is striking and vibrant looking as a result of their yellow hues.

If you are an avid gardener, you may want to consider growing some of these plants. They will help to instill a sense of positivity and energy in your garden that other colors cannot quite get across.

Few colors are as vibrant and bright as yellow. Not only that, but these yellow plants may attract more insects and wildlife to your garden.

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