12 Types of Avocado Plants

12 Types Of Avocado Plants

12  Types of Avocado Plants

Avocados have become a staple in the modern diet. Dubbed as the most hipster food, avocado is extremely popular with vegans, vegetarians, and gen Z.

Whether you eat your avocado with eggs, smothered on toast, in a buddha bowl, or just slicing it open and getting stuck in, avocado is healthy, delicious, and has a creaminess you just can’t beat. 

Avocados originate from Mexico and Central America as there they have just the right temperature for them to grow.

They also need plenty of sunlight and humidity which makes this the perfect environment for avocados to flower and fruit.

You are able to grow avocado plants at home but it is quite rare that they will flower or fruit away from their tropical climate but they grow into beautiful tall, green plants.

There are over 500 different types of avocado around the world and an avocado tree in its natural climate can survive up to 400 years.

You may be wondering where the name ‘avocado’ comes from, and it is a very interesting origin. The Aztec name for avocado is ‘ahuacatl’ which means testicle.

Avocado is also referred to as ‘alligator pear’ due to their curved body resembling a pair and their leathery skin. 

Avocados are first categorized into 2 larger groups: Type A and Type B. Avocado plants aren’t solely male or female, but they are able to change sexes when they bloom flowers.

Type A avocados bloom in the morning with their female reproductive parts and Type B avocados bloom in the morning with their male reproductive parts. They then swap sexes during the day for their flowers to fully bloom. 

We have put together a short guide to different types of avocado plants (no, not all 500!) so that you can begin to get a better understanding of what kinds of avocado plants there are out there. 

12  Types of Avocado Plants


Pinkerton plants grow Type A avocados and cannot grow in temperatures below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Pinkerton trees are medium-sized and very sprawly but easier to manage than some of the other avocado plants.

The Pinkerton plants can be found in California and are some of the most popular avocados due to their small pits and easy-to-peel skin.

They are shaped similar to a long pear and have green skin that makes them very recognizable.

Their creamy, nutty, and buttery flavor makes Pinkerton avocados extremely popular, and they ripen between November and April and fully bloom in the Spring.

12  Types of Avocado Plants

Lamb Hass

Lamb Hass trees are medium-sized upright trees that are more compact than Pinkerton trees as they don’t sprawl out very far.

They are Type A avocado plants and do not like to live below 30 degrees Fahrenheit as they need the heat to fully grow.

Lamb Hass plants usually take a year to grow after the tree flowers in April so they will be ready to harvest between the following April to November.

Lamb Hass has thick black skin when ripened which makes them difficult to peel but they have a creamy flavor due to their high oil content.

12  Types of Avocado Plants

Sir Prize

Sir Prize avocado trees grow larger avocados with smaller pits so that there is a lot more creamy flesh for you to enjoy.

Sir Prize plants are Type B and were first brought to people’s attention in 1991 in California which makes them one of the youngest varieties of avocado in the world.

The Sir Prize is slightly more resistant to cold temperatures but it is best to keep them in temperatures above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Sir Prize has a creamy texture with a nutty taste that blooms between Spring and Summer and ripens between Winter and Spring.

12  Types of Avocado Plants


The Brodgon avocado plant is a Type B avocado tree that is able to grow over 30ft tall. It is best to keep Brodgon avocado plants above 24 degrees Fahrenheit so that they are able to properly grow.

These avocados are the most popular avocados for dishes such as guacamole as they have smooth buttery flesh that is cool and creamy.

Brodgon avocados have shiny purple skin that resembles eggplant skin when ripe and produce large fruit with lots of flesh.

Brodgon avocados bloom between Spring and Summer and ripen between August and November.

12  Types of Avocado Plants


Gwen avocado plants are Type A plants that are smaller in size but are very plump.

As the avocados produced from this plant are smaller, the maximum height of the trees is 15ft which makes them easier to manage and maintain.

The skin of the Gwen avocados is dark green and isn’t as creamy as the larger avocados but is just as buttery.

Gwen plants bloom in Spring and the avocados take a year to ripen between the following May and September.

The Gwen plant can be housed at a temperature as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

12  Types of Avocado Plants

Mexicola Grande

The Mexicola Grande is a Type A plant that grows on an avocado tree that can grow up to 40ft tall and in some cases can grow taller.

The Mexicola Grande plant produces large avocados that can weigh as heavy as 1lb and have dark green or black skin when ripe.

The Mexicola Grande plants are able to withstand some of the coldest temperatures of all the avocados as they can live in 20-22 degrees Fahrenheit and even 18 degrees Fahrenheit for mature trees.

The Mexicola Grande plants bloom between Spring and Summer and ripen between August and October.

12  Types of Avocado Plants


Holiday avocados get their name as they ripen during the Holiday season between September and January.

Holiday plants are Type A and are semi-dwarf trees that grow to a maximum height of 12-15ft tall.

The plant has a weeping canopy that adds texture to any garden and is perfect to maintain yourself.

This avocado plant can’t be housed under 30 degrees below Fahrenheit so that the plant is able to bloom in the Spring.

The Holiday avocado plant produces large avocados that are an oval shape that has a medium oil content for a creamier tasting avocado.

12  Types of Avocado Plants


The Joey avocado plant is a Type B plant that is able to withstand temperatures between 15 and 18 degrees Fahrenheit for a short period of time before needing warmer conditions to thrive in.

The avocados produced by the Joey plant are small and resemble eggs due to their smaller shape and size compared with other varieties of avocados.

Despite their size, Joey plants produce creamy avocados that are full of flavor and have distinctive purple/black skin when ripe.

Joey avocado plants bloom in the Springtime and ripen between August and October for full flavor.

12  Types of Avocado Plants


The Bacon avocado plant is a Type B plant that can grow up to 20ft tall and is able to grow at the minimum temperatures of 24 to 26 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Bacon plant produces large avocados with soft and creamy flesh.

The skin of Bacon plant avocados is very thin which makes them difficult to peel but you are able to easily scoop the flesh out of the shells.

Bacon avocado plants bloom between Winter and Spring and ripen between December and February.

The Bacon plant was originally grown in California and thrives in the California temperatures so is easy to manage.

12  Types of Avocado Plants


A Type A avocado plant, the Reed trees are more upright than some of the other avocado trees so they are able to fit into smaller spaces.

The trees can grow up to 37ft and need to be in temperatures above 32 degrees Fahrenheit in order for them to thrive.

The avocados produced from the Reed plant are big and round with skin that is easy to peel to reveal extremely buttery flesh inside.

Reed plants produce the largest avocados as individually they weigh over 1lb each. They bloom between Spring and Summer and ripen the following year in the Summer.

12  Types of Avocado Plants

Pryor/Del Rio

The Pryor/Del Rio plant can grow up to 30ft tall and produce smaller avocados with creamy flesh inside. The inside of the avocado has a high oil content which makes it creamier and easier to scoop out of the shells.

The Pryor/Del Rio plant can live in conditions as cold as 15 degrees Fahrenheit as they bloom between Winter and Spring and ripen between August and November.

Pryor/Del Rio avocado plants are sometimes called Fantastic as Fantastic avocado plants are grafted onto Pryor/Del Rio plants to become the same when grown.

12  Types of Avocado Plants


Fuerte avocado plants are categorized as Type B plants that grow on larger trees that can reach up to 35ft in height.

The plants can be stored in temperatures as low as 28 degrees Fahrenheit in order to grow to the highest quality.

The Fuerte plant blooms from May to November and the fruit ripens from November to April. The avocados from the Fuerte plant are recognizable for their long body and oval shape with easy-to-peel skin.

They have a lower oil content than other avocados but are full of creaminess and flavor. 

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